Starting Electrolysis


I have been saving up and finally i have enough money to start electrolysis on my face, i have waited as i wanted to have enough funding to go regually as you all suggested.

I have a few questions:

I have hair all over the side of my face, chin, upper lip and neck. I understand that it will take a long time to get full clearance so how should i remove the hair that is not being treated?

How many appointments do you suggest? One a week or could it be possible to do more?

I am considering looking into insurance but would this be possible if i do not have a underlying hormonal problem?

I live in London England and unfortunately we are not as blessed as America with so many electrolysits so can anyone recommend any? As the British Assosication was not very helpful and I would love to be able to have a recommended practitioner.

Thats all i can think of at the moment, thank you for all your help on these boards you have made me feel like im not alone anymore in my problems. Thank you


Hello Bianca.

It’s good that you are now in a position to keep regular appointments. I commend you for planning well.

True, it is not possible to treat all the hair you describe fairly early on, so I would encourage you to shave or clip. If you are not receptive to shaving, I would remind you that it is only a temporary action you would have to endure until your practioner could catch up with all the hair. Shaving is the best thing you can do on the face and neck. Waxing these area’s would prolong treatment and may stimulate(bring more blood to the area) more hair growth by ripping out the fine,unseen hair that exists.

You should do weekly treatments. You can go two or three times per week as long as you’re having different area’s treated. For example, Monday, left sideburn, Wed., right sideburn, Thurs., neck and chin. Then you can start the go around again… left sideburn on the following Monday,etc. It’s good to have a full week for a treated area to heal.

I’ll leave the insurance question and the London referral advice to someone who is more knowledgiable than me. You can do a search on these boards for insurance information, as there is a lot of good stuff that was written recently.
If you don’t end up with a referral, check as to what to look for when choosing a practioner.



I’ve just seen the date on this post, and I figure I might be too late.

I’m in London too, and I use an electrolysist down on the South Coast. (Bianca - if you’re still looking, let me know and I’ll give you the details.)

As a bit of general advice on selecting an electrolysist, people might like to consider avoiding beauty salons. The therapists I use are dedicated electrolysists who run their own businesses, and in one case ONLY does hair removal. I’ve had way better results with them than I ever had with dozens of salon based therapists.

I think it’s because they genuinely enjoy electrolysis. If you enjoy something, you tend to be much better at it than if you’re made to do something that you’re not that keen on.

I was just wondering is it worth going to see a dermatologist before i start electrolysis treatment?

thank you

Hi Bianca

I went to see a Dermatologist at Cardiff University Hospital (I’m based in South Wales) before having electrolysis as I was unhappy with my facial hair and spots. My hair was downy although slightly thick, but I hated it and wanted to get rid of it, or at least thin it out so it didn’t look so bad. My dermatologist put me on the pill which has helped clear my skin and reduce the hairs’ thickness. He also recommended seeing a qualified practitioner who is a member of a professional electrolysis body. I’ve been visiting my electrologist in Mid Glamorgan for a few months now and despite the initial marks and scabs you get from starting electrolysis, my skin has settled and the hair has started to thin out and disappear. I cannot recommend electrolysis enough if you are unhappy in your situation, as I was. It has slowly brought me out of my shell (and home!)and I am feeling a lot more confident about myself. If you need to talk about it then just give me a shout.
Here is the link for practitioners in London (you’ll need to put city and London in the search box)
Electrolysis Directory

Thank you,

I’m going to try and get an appointment with a demotologist first as there are so many electrolysits and i want to make sure that i can trust the one i see.

It makes me feel so much better to know that there are people out there that take the time to help me.

Thank you again

Just keep in mind that Dermatologists don’t usually know much if anything about electrolysis. I have even met some who thought that we all just treat the hairs, and leave them in to fall out on their own. This is a strange thought from a Dermatologist, who I would expect to know what would happen if we did that. <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/confused.gif" alt="" />

You should also audition as many electrologists as you can, because there is nothing that proves who is good and who is not other than actually getting a sample treatment. Where they work (even in a doctor’s office, or beauty salon) doesn’t say they are good, or bad. Professional Memberships show they pay money they don’t have to, but doesn’t prove they are good. Even credentials don’t prove they are any better than someone who doesn’t have them, but still knows her stuff.

Sorry to say there is just no substitute for sampling the merchandise, and the results. That is why we try to get people to refer their great practitioners on here, so people have a place to start where they can find past customers who are done and happy, with smooth hair free, care free skin.

Question for James:

(I guess I should try to figure out how I contact you privately about this - please forgive my lazyness!)

I’ve spoken to my practitioners, and I think both of them would appreciate a mention. I’d certainly endorse them!

Do you have anywhere on this site that we can recommend places in the UK (or elsewhere)?



We most certainly want you to mention them, and tell us all about them!

If you go to the main index, you will find Electrologist Referals as a heading. Just post all your wonderful electrologist contact info and some of your personal story in there. That way, the next person looking in your area will be able to find it, if they just have the savy to try the search feature instead of just posting, “Does anyone know whose good in my area?”

Even if the next guy is not so savy, those of us around here whe are, can search it, and post him/her a link to your post.

Thanks to people like you, it works for all of us.

Now everybody follow her lead and tell us about your wonderful electrologist.

Caution, please get permission from your electrologist before you do this, as some electrologists don’t want to suddenly have 20 new clients call them this week. (Yeah, I know, but trust me, I hear it all the time. I even try to send electrologists clients, and they tell me, I just don’t want any more right now. You’d think I were in Russia trying to buy extra cheese when the factory had met quota! <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/confused.gif" alt="" />)


Ive been to my doctor and they recommended i saw a demetologist (we might do things a bit differently here in backward England! lol)

Ive also had a blood test and might have to have a scan of my ovaries just to make sure. I’m a bit worried about this but its better that they rule out any possible medical conditions first.