Starting a business/HELP!!!

I hope to be starting my own electrolysis business soon. Does anyone have any advice for me? I am sure that it will take a lot of time and practice before I open. (I hope no more than a few months.) What kind of insurance do I need to purchase? What else do I need besides my epilator, probes, gloves,sharps container, chair and glasses do I need? What is the best glasses/magnifier that I should purchase at a good cheap price? I could use anyones advice and experties!!! THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME!!!

are you going to a school or will you be self-taught?

I live in the state of Georgia. Here you do not have to have licencse to practice electrolysis. I will teach myself and practice extremely hard. I also have an electrolygist that is will to train me. He is really a gift from God! Without him I would probally be lost. I really want to be the best that I can be! I already have a Bachelor of Science in Respiratory Therapy. I just want to learn how to do something differant so that I may have more time for myself. Working at a hospital requires so much time, weekends and holidays. I quess you can say that I am burnt out. I would love doing electrolysis and helping people feel really good about themselves. Do you have any advice for me??? I can use all the help that I can get!!! I am sure that you are a very smart person and could also give me great advice!! Thank you for your time. Thanks Again!!! Chasity

You would probably have more luck getting answers over at the Do-It-Yourself Electrolysis forum. Over here we’re just clients. Though speaking as a client, I’d say that going to a electrologist who didn’t have a license or some certification from a school would make me really nervous, because I wouldn’t find out if the treatment was effective (or if any damage was being done) until after I had spent a whole year of time and lots of money. It’s a question you may face when you try to find clients. Maybe look into taking a course? You would get all the best advice from the faculty there.

Just my 2 cents, but best of luck to you!

There are two routes to a Board Certified Professional Electrologist Credential (C.P.E.)

Graduate from an accredited school, and sit for the CPE Exam,


Complete an apprenticeship with a CPE and sit for the CPE Exam which will be held in Las Vegas October 26th 2005 of this year.

Needless to say, it is too late to do either for this year.

I’m confused. Is the CPE Exam you mention the same thing as a state license? Is it something every electrologist needs to practice, or is it an extra certification on top of a school diploma or state license?

The CPE is an international certification one may voluntarily test for.

It is the only thing one in an unlicensed state can get that means anything in that state.

In a licensed state, it would be something extra one could obtain.

Thank you for all of your info.and Mr. James to!!!It is greatly appreciated!! Thanks Again!!