started treatment on oct 4th 2004

i’ve been looking at the posts on this board before i started my treatment, along with other boards and decided electrolysis was for me, opposed to the laser, it seems many have had bad experiences and even more hair growth. i have been going for weekly treatments on my chin since the first week in october. i am finally noticing a difference, i still have to shave everyday. but there is much less than when i started. one side of my chin is close to being cleared. when i started electro i figured i’d give it a year and see what happens. i had been a obbsessive plucker for almost 7 years, 2x a day, and i now know that i made it even worse. i have has my hormones checked and everything is normal and believe it must be hereditery. to those that say they did electro for 6 mos and it didn’t work, from the research i have done, sometime it can take over a year depending on previous methods of removal and type of hair. for all the women out there who are pluckers, stop now!!! you are doing so much damage, to the hairs and to your skin, i realize that now. i wish someone had told me this years ago, i’m only 29. i actually look foward to my appointments, every appointment i know i am much closer to the end of my hair saga. thanks for all the posts from everyone, it definetly helps to know we are not alone!

here, here!!

I wish someone had told my mom (and managed to convince her of it) that plucking is bad so that she would not have trasnfered her “hobby” onto me <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/grin.gif" alt="" />

I still love plucking … it’s so adictive. it takes a lot of self control not to grab the tweezers <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" />!

hi i have a question for you. i just started electrolysis on my chin and upper lip. there are other areas i want to do like my eyebrows (between and above) and the rest of my face bcs there is fine hair that is almost all over it but i’m starting with what is noticeable. i also had been plucking my chin and upper lip and eyebrows for about 7 years and in the end i was doing it every other day. i have only had two appointments and i have been going for at least an hour. my electrologist is using blend which she said she prefers for coarse dark hair so it’s going a little slow. today she was able to do more on my upper lip than last time but neither my chin or upper lip is completely cleared after an appointment, although my chin is close. i have to wait a week between appointments so by the time i went to see her today there was quite a bit of hair in the two areas. i have only been clipping as i don’t want to shave it. so what i want to ask you is when you say you notice a difference now do you mean that when you go into another appointment there is less hair? have you been going every single week since you started? is your electrologist completely clearing the area at each appointment? it is so hard to not be able to do anything about the hair until the next appointment bcs mine is very black. i think clipping it and wearing makeup helps but it still makes me very self-conscious. i agree with you about tweezing. not only do i wish i had known about it but i wish i had known about electrolysis. there are so many areas i want to work on and it’s a slow process so i wish that i had started earlier but i’m so glad to be started now at least.

jessicaz, i have been going every week, i still haven’t been complety cleared, i think i’m pretty close on one side, probably this month, i swear my electro could spend an hour on each side. since it has been three months, hairs that were plucked previous to when i started are coming out now (i’m guessing). i shave everyday and my electro yells at me (jokingly) that the hairs are too short. i have begun to notice lots of spaces, on my chin. a good make up to try is bare minerals, bare essenstials, it covers well and doesn’t clog pores, i like the foundation, its a powder, it’s like $25 bucks but well worth it and i have had it for almost 4 mons. i think blend really kills those stubborn hairs better, that’s just my opinion, but my electro switches back and fourth, .jess how old are you? best of luck.

thanks for responding, it sounds like we are in a similar situation so i’m trying to see what to expect over the months. i am 27 by the way. when you shave do you feel it causes a 5 o’clock shadow in the evenings? i guess that’s the main reason i don’t want to shave. i’ve been just clipping and that’s it. also thanks so much for that info on bare minerals. i had seen it advertised but wasn’t sure if it was a joke or what. i am definitely interested as i used to have acne and so i am very picky about makeup. i don’t use anything with oil. i’ll have to give it a try, i’m glad to hear someone has actually used it and likes it.

i do think i sometimes have a visible shadow, but just when i’m do for my next appointment, what do you use to clip the hairs? a regular scissor? i can’t stand to feel the hairs that’s why i shave, it’s hard and makes me feel a bit unfeminine while i’m doing it, but i’ve been doing it for 3 mons now, i’m going today for my appointment, i’m hoping she can clear one side, i’ve given her more growth then usual…we’ll see. talk to you soon.

what i normally do is clip the hair with cuticle scissors but lately i don’t even really both much. there is fine hair all over my face that i guess isn’t quite so noticeable and i used to do that (Clipping) on that hair so i’m used to it. i have only had four electrolysis treatments so far but all of them in the last two weeks. after the first three treatments the hair on my chin basically grew as quickly as it did when i was plucking it. in two days it would look bad again. but after this last treatment (the fourth) i noticed a definite slowdown. my electrologist can ‘clear’ the chin but after an hour she can barely get to any of my upper lip. she usually just does the edges because the rest isn’t really that noticeable but i want to get the whole upper lip cleared too. i also had my eyebrows done (between and a little above near the hairline) and that grew much slower than it used to with plucking. a few hairs there after about a week. i had been shaving my eyebrows but i just stopped. i guess i have gotten somewhat lazy since i don’t have to pluck anymore. it has been good getting to have my chin worked on that much in such a short period of time. i wasn’t sure if it was a good idea because i thought you were supposed to wait a week between treatment. but my electrologist said it would be fine if the skin felt fine and it did. i think when you have a serious problem like myself (lots of hair, plucking, and ingrowns), it might help to be that agressive.

Is the hair either of you working on blonde?

Blonde, for electrolysis, it does not matter if the hair is blonde, black or red. Electrolysis will remove any size and color hair. The thicker it is, the stronger and perhaps longer treatments it will require to disappear, but the color is not a vital factor here as it is in laser.