ST250 where to buy?

I’m looking to buy a ST250 Electrolysis Machine. Do you know where thy sell it? No luck on Amazon. I live in Europe (NL)
what do you think about this? Do you know it?

what else do you suggest?
I used a one touch/delux machine, but it broke + i need something more efficient.

I’m not sure if North American 60hz machines will work in Europe, with your 50hz grid. If someone smarter than me knows there are at least 5 for sale in Canada.

It depends on the machine. As long as you have the correct plug, some machines with auto-switch to the right voltage. Others require a converter.

I’d recommend that Stephanies contact the association ANBOS in Den Haag and see if there are any machines being sold by recently retired electrologists. Stephanies lives in The Netherlands. Dutch machines made by Velin, B.V., the “Multi-blend” and the CTI are units I worked on and they are excellent (also Medi-scharm is fine). Heitland and Nemectron also made/make good units (Germany). There are also a number of Clareblend units in Holland that were converted to NL voltage … they last forever.

To the best of my knowledge, the st250 cannot handle UK power systems. Most UK machines I hear about are sterex it seems though I’m sure there are other quality manufacturers. I know some apilus have power converters built in to handle UK currents , I havent heard whether Silouette tone machines do or not.

I think the OP (Stephanies) is in The Netherlands? (She said NL?)

Yes i live in The Netherlands. Thanks for the references you gave me I will contact them.

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Also, if you go to my website and click on “Free Downloads” (at the top of the page), there are two free publications in the Dutch language (even though your don’t really need it). A short book and a longer version of a Dutch translation that was going to be a textbook in the Netherlands but ended up a dreadful and soon-forgotten episode.“God Almachtige!”