St George Electrolysis, Bexley, Australia

Hi everyone,

We just got back from a few days in Sydney visiting Sahar at St George Electrolysis. My daughter is so happy with the work done on her. She’s spent the last day or so in the mirror a lot murmuring about how “theres no moustache there at all”. Sahar worked on her furry tummy line and her upper lip.

We travelled from New Zealand to Australia for this purpose alone and it was worth every cent.

Just wanted to post on here for anyone looking to have treatment done around Sydney. I can’t recommend St George Electrolysis enough. Sahar is so lovely, very passionate about her work and does a fabulous job.

Hi Fairygirl,

I’m so pleased to read that you managed to travel to get this work done. It’s totally worth it for good treatment. So fantastic for your daughter and I know how she feels!

so far above awesome , there are no words.

I wish your daughter every success in this endeavour.

Remember that a permanent removal requires treatment of the follicles of all bothersome hair in every growth cycle, therefore regular treatment frequency is very necessary.

Thanks Seana. We’re hoping our monthly appointments back here in New Zealand are enough to keep on top of things for a while. I’m hoping to take her back for another clearance before the end of the year. Being almost 13 though, will that mean it will take longer to permanently clear all her hair cycles?

being 13 should have zero effect.

Thanks Seana

Hi Fairygirl

Did Sahar clear all moustache hair within one session?

I’m curious because I want to keep improving myself. I knew the machine & model she’s using.

Thank u in advance for your time

My daughter did two hours each day on it. She worked slower than usual on it given her age. Needed a dental block done for the middle too bit as it was just so sensitive for her. No reaction or swelling afterwards really at all.