Spring brings out the nut- cases

Early spring, brings lots of new clients to my doors, and it also brings something else, most especially here at HAirtell, it brings out the nut cases. The truly mentally deranged , both client, and occasionally , electrologist.

For many years one particular electrologist in Arizona has made consistent attacks on Hairtell, and it’s most respected electrologists. Over the years James has been a target, Andrea, and more recently, myself and at least 3 ( probably several) other most highly regarded electrologists on this site. Her hate for all things Hairtell, knows no bounds, and she has been utilizing the youtube commenting system to make personal attacks against myself and at least 3 other electrologist ( one of them our moderator) here on their youtube videos under the name Helga Schmidlap taking advantage of the anonymity afforded through youtube. Unfortunately for them, everything you do on the internet is tracked and I knew just the right people at google to get that tracking information .They have had inflamatory and outright viscious ( and very personal) attacks posted on their site, for some years.

At this point I have taken down my only youtube video on tweezerless electrolysis ( It never saw a ton of traffic anyway) . I expect some of my colleages, may disable commenting on their videos. I think this is preferable to my solution to mine.

Having been a Network Engineer for over 25 years, and having people I can count on at google to look up the posting IP address of these comments, I am now communicating this information to law enforcement. Both Canada, and the US, have strong cyberstalking laws which cover these actions.We know exactly who this person is, their business site ( which is full of attacks on hairtell and has been for many years) . It appears these attacks are made on any electrologist with any amount of competence or knowledge here.I wont be mentioning their name or business however, as I have no intention of driving traffic to their garbage website.I also do not want to put in jeopardy the criminal investigation that is now being put into place.

The unfortunate part in all this, is I and others use the youtube resources we produce to give timely accurate answers to consumers here and other places on the internet. I do fear that it may be necessary to remove or limit access to some of those resources. Hopefully this is a temporary situation, and will be resolved soon by court order.


I’ve seen some of the posts and this person just needs help… Sorry you have to deal with it.

Seana, I do wish you luck in your endeavors to take on and solve this issue. There are others out there and their day will come.

YEAH! The only thing “Helga” said, that sort of hurt my feelings a smidgen, was that I have “green teeth!” Okay, I’d go with yellow, but who has green teeth? GREEN TEETH?

Helga has been trolling my Youtube videos and I remove her brutal comments ASAP … and I did report the delusional person to google.

Thanks for the heads up Seana!

Truthfully, her nonsense doesn’t bother me at all. Helga is probably going through one of her periodic episodes that seem to happen every year; and around this time. This seasonal aspect is a hallmark of several forms of mental illness.

Let me also add that I’m a big supporter of people with mental illness. Mental illness is not having bad character … it’s just being “mental.” NAMI is a wonderful resource that helped me when my X-wife, and close relative, went off the deep end (decades ago). I’m still a member.

Everybody knows somebody who has mental illness … these people are NOT BAD. However, when they are threatening … you have to defend yourself.

I got a similar green teeth comment, no worries mike. my kid, however, is where I draw a line in the sand. I suppose they were feeding on anything they could.

Seasonal affective disorder doesnt begin to cover it.

Looks like “Helga” has gone into “remission” for now. Good job Seana! Indeed, she fancies herself as a computer expert, but I think YOU scared her off. Real experts do that! tee hee

Presently, I’m not getting horrific comments on my Youtube stuff, so “Helga” is probably focusing on somebody else? (By the way, her German “Google translation” was pretty laughable.)