Spontanious hair follicle triggering due to laser....

Any reports on WHERE the hair is regrowing? From reading various threads i’ve seen instance of hair starting to grow in place other than where the laser was used. Does anyone have an idea of w/ the event of inactive follicles being triggered how often spontanious growth occurs outside of the laser site compared to at the laser site. So the question is, if someone gets their bikini lasered, off ALL the people who experience extra hair growth, how often is that growth triggered away from the laser site:

Often? Very rarely?
Is it totally random? LIke if i do my bikini will it sprout on my back?
Is it more local, bikini to upper thighs?
or is way more often than not site related: i do my bikini and in one year i have more bikini hair. B/c if the latter is the case, that might be okay if i plan to go w/ laser for years and years instead of waxing.

THis is why i ask. If i get bikini laser i want to know where hair might start sprouting. I have olive/medium skin, so i am at the most risk, but i will do ANYTHING to get rid of this disgusting hair.

I’ve read:
It scares me.

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just came across this …very interesting

i have noticed that all of this hair regrowth thing is limited to the facial areas
interesting the way they say its due to the fact theyre treating it using a LOW energy then that trigers the follicles to grow. also, its on people with skin types 3/4 who are treating FINE hairs with laser. so my advice is, if you have fine hair on your face then dont treat it with laser! youre just giving yourself extra hassle!

Awesome. Good news, big thanks. : )