Spokane: South Hill Electrolysis

South Hill Electrolysis
Meda Sampson, PCE
2810 E. 29th Ave, Ste 4 upstairs
Spokane, Washington 99223
(509) 532-8778

I am open Monday through Saturday from 10 am to 6 pm.
Services are by appointment only.
Probes enclude one-piece, two-piece, gold, surgical stainless, multiple-needle and disposable.
I wear mask and use non-latex gloves.
The first appointment may take an hour to cover the consultation, medical history, treatment program planning, and sample treatment. There is no fee for the first visit.
My phone has an answering machine that has the volume turned down to assure privacy. I can’t answer the phone when I am working but I do return all calls.

This is a TS friendly office and I offer a very private and quiet environment. I have been offering this service since 1985 and follow all CDC requirents for sterilization. Client confidentiality is assured for every client.

Hey there, I just wondered if you had any interest in purchasing some equipment. I’ve got an Apilus Senior II with under 100 hours on it and a Wayne Dry Heat Sterilizer. I’m a stylist down at Divas, and tried my hand at electrolysis (failed miserably) so now I’m just looking to offload my equipment. Anyway if you’re interested feel free to call me at (509) 389-3376. My name’s Seth…sorry if I’m just bugging you, I wasn’t quite sure where else to go with this stuff. Thanks for your time!