Spironolactone ??

Has anyone tried Spironolactone ?
Did it work for you ?
What were your results ?
Side effects ?
I have terrible chin and mustache hair, that I must shave once or twice a day with a razor. It is course beard like hair. Just like a man, and I have a shadow, and people have noticed. The doctor did hormone tests, and my testosterone, is elevated only a small amt. I am on hormone therapy. Pls help, she gave me this med, but before I use, want to make sure of the side effects, and mostly does it really work .


 Spironolactone should help with body hair and in reducing any new hair growth on your face. However existing facial hair may not be affected, so you may need electrolysis for that.

Side effects. You will have to urinate more often and it may tend to dry you out a bit since it acts as a diuretic.
Also you have to avoid potassium supplements since it will cause you to retain potassium.

For women it is important that you do not get pregnant while on it because it could affect the developement of a male fetus.


Thank You
I do eat a lot of potassium since I do love Bananas, and other fruits. I do not like the diuretic effects, and have heard it can dry you out, need lots of water. So I will weigh whether it is worth it or not for me, since it will not remove any of my existing facial hair which is basically a beard.