spiro and men?


this has been asked before but i really need some help. i am 21 years old…gay male…excess body hair…thinning scalp hair…and oily acne prone skin…plague me! to what benefit will spiro help? all the things i mentioned are a result of excess androgens…would a daily dose of 100mg be helpful? truly what are the major side effects? i will be doing full body elec…like ive mentioned before…so it would help that in the long run…it would halt any thinning of scalp hair…and it help with the acne/oily problem…it seems like it would be great…does breast enlargment always happen? all the input i could get would be greatly appreciated…thanks so much everyone!


Hi D–

Everyone responds differently to antiandrogens. Low doses may help with skin and hair, but you may find a reduction in sex drive, lowered metabolism, increased need to urinate, dehydration, etc. Higher doses can cause sexual dysfunction, shinking of genitals, breast development, and sterility.

You should speak with a physician about all of this.