Spider veins and laser on legs

Does anyone know how spider veins are affected by laser hair removal on the legs? I have burgeoning spider veins in my lower legs and have been contemplating laser hair removal there.

I have also been contemplating sclerotherapy, but am turned off by the idea of having to wear support hose for 3 weeks!

So, if you have spider veins, have any of you had experience with laser hair removal reducing the spider veins? Poof?


Nd:YAG lasers have been used to treat spider veins, but the settings may be different than that used for hair removal.

You can check some of the laser manufacturers sites for more information. Check out www.sciton.com and www.cynosure.com.


The LightSheer is also used to treat spider veins.

My mom had some around her eyes and on the back of her knees treated. A single treatment removed a fair number of the small ones but the larger ones will take quite a few treatments. I appears to be a quick process saving you the invasiveness of vein removal surgery or injections of caustic salts.