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This is my first post and I’ve been wrestling with a couple questions regarding thermolysis vs. galvanic method that I was hoping someone here could help me out with. Originally I was a lurker over at Susan Laird’s website, hairzapper.com and found a lot of great backround information on how electroylsis works. After reading and seeing the effects that thermolysis can have on your skin(the one picture of the women with the pitted chin was particulary disturbing!) I was pretty convinced that thermolysis was more about speed than efficiency and well…wasn’t for me! Two weeks ago when I happened to stumble across this site I was blown away by some of the success stories, especially some of the posts by MOE. A lot of the preconceieved notions I had about thermolysis went out the window after hearing about his experience with Fino Gior…but at the same time I still had this question lingering on my mind. Even though Fino Gior has over 45 years of experience, has been on Regis & Philbin and is probably one of the world’s foremost expert in the field, if someone were to take a magnifying glass to some of his patients over the years would they find damaged tissue or possible scarring? After reading so much negative feedback about thermolysis I am really curious as to how much damage it can have on your skin(particulary what you cant see) even in the RIGHT hands. I’d really appreciate it if someone could break this down for me and explain how thermolysis can be effective(tissue damage/scar free) if used properly. Thanxs, -Chilo-

Thermolysis is the coagulation of the protein in the tissues surrounding the hair. If the probe is not set within a certain zone and the setting doesn’t create the correct amount of heat energy permanent hair removal does not take place.
Some people attempt to overcome the fact that they can’t see inside the follicle to be sure of the insertion by turning up the power on the machine to create a larger pattern of destruction. This is not a good idea.

Newer machines allow very high settings to be used with very low durations of time. This allows removal of even thick coars hairs without pitting or scarring.

Really it is all skill. While I am at it, you can’t underestimate the power of incompetence. One may be scarred with Galvanic, Blend, or Thermolysis when improperly utilized.

Since I have a client who has gone public enough with treatment results to have posted pics on the web, I will give you a link to take a look. This client chose to have nothing but thermolysis based on a desire for speed, and ending shaving for good, in favor of total electrolysis hair removal for all hair removal needs.

Although the client had some prior skin imperfections from previous skin conditions, birth marks, electrolysis performed by a lesser skilled electrologyst (note the upper lip in the top picture)and other incidents, I am sure you will see well enough that the follicles I have treated are simply empty, with no scars, pits, or even signs that they formerly grew hair. You should know that this client came to me with 500 hairs per square inch, and hair that grew from the bone on the eye socket down threw the neck and blended into the chest.

It would work better for me if one of my clients who has never seen anyone but me did a web page like this, but this is good enough to show the difference between good work on the cheeks here, and the remains of bad work on the upper lip from the previous operator.

Although we are done now, this client has yet to post any final pics on the site, but, I guess that becomes less important once you know for sure that you have overcome, and are getting on with other things in your life.

Now without further fanfare, the link
ending stage pics from total thermolysis treatments

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Hey James…

If you do me a good deal on all my hair, I’ll be your poster child… LOL


Ok David, if you bring me to Australia for a lost year in the land down under, I will do you and your daughter and we will post pics. Of course, my clients from the North East USA might hire a “Delta Force” to come kidnap me and bring me back to work on them. :grin:

By the way, my client decided to add a long over due update picture. So now you can see a face that started out with too much hair, and on a schedule that was not the best for fast clearance, still got done in 24 months.

We still see each other for what I call “nit pick sessions” but if you were standing toe to toe with this client, you would never find a hair.
Try this, save the pictures from the site, and enlarge them on your computer picture viewer. You will see the few very small hairs in the bare skin area that we get in these “nit pick sessions”

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