speed thermolysys

i have gone to electrolsys for my upperlip last week
she did electrolysys using thermolysys for 10 min and charged $20
i felt 30 pinches in that 10min
IS that speed is good

What is the general speed for upperlip?
10min for $20 is it ok?

you can’t really judge her speed by a sample treatment, or a first treatment. She is still learning what it is that you will need. It is also difficult to say what would be a good speed on what you are having done (too many variables that could speed it up, or slow it down), but depending on her equipment, and techniques, she could work from 4 hairs a minute, all the way up to 20 hairs per minute. I think on an upper lip, you might be able to get no more than 10 hairs per minute, due to many factors that come in to play when working that area.

thank you for info
I have some more doubts
i went again to electrologyst…
Now i saw black dots ( may be pigmentation)
If it is happened because of electrolysis ,Is it ok to contain with her?
these dots will go with time?

each time she do electrolosys only for 10 min .Even if i wanted to do more than 10 min she won’t do …For upper lip more than 10 min is not ok???
she is taking $20 per 10 min ie $120 per hr
Is it bit steep for an electrologist ?
Is it general to take $20 per 10 min for upper lip?

I am an south asain ,she is using thermolosys ?
what other types electrolysis suites me ?

I can’t speak for what she is doing. I can suggest, however, that if you stay with her, you may want to add something else to your treatments, like underarms, or legs so you can get a better price on the time you are paying for.

I am usually able to clear out an upper lip in the first few appointments, and just keep it bare from there.