speed of regrowth

After my fourth laser treatment on chest back shoulders legs… I’ve noticed the hair is growing back EVER so slowly… at least in comparison to the times before… Just wondering if certain phases or if there are certain times in the year that affect the speed of hair growth… ???

This is kind of related to what you’re asking, maybe having something to do with it. …I remember back in my medical research days I read a study in the regrowth speed of men’s facial hair. They followed a group of men who were seperated from their wives for months on end, something like five or six months. They were either Alaska Pipeline workers, oil rig workers, or some kind of merchant marines, I forgot. But anyway, they found that beard growth actually slowed when they were away from their wives. When beard growth accelerated the fastest was when members who were to again be reunited with girlfriends and wives within the month, and progressively as it became closer. Fastest and thickest beard growth occured the days leading up to the reunification, also when testosterone production also loomed high. The research concluded that there there was a spike in male hormone secretions when the male anticipated sexual experiences with a female, that in turn boosted hair growth.

As for other factors, I don’t know if it’s proven somewhere, but I think exposure to weather, or bareness boosts it. I have found men that wear shortsleeve shirts the most outdoors tend to have the hairiest appearing arms. As with people that wear shorts alot outside having hairier legs. I know that’s the case with myself and my hair growth patterns. I think the skin may sense that it has to regulate body temperature more proactively, producing more hair. It’s hard to tell with women because they tend more to the hair on their limbs.

Distribution of primordial hair production follicals on the upper body is really quite uniform. Why we get hair growth from just below the elbows where shirtsleeves end is pretty evident of an environmental factor. Also, it’s further from the main trunk where body heat regulation is easier. The hair growth pattern along these lines can be seen on both men and women, more hair on the lower leg and lower arm. I just kind of wonder if any real concrete studies have been done on limb exposure to temperature vs. hair growth have been done.