SpectroJel 609/SpectroDerm?


Since I started washing with this product before and after using my Braun Silk-epil Eversoft epilator, I don’t have one bump or red spot on my face. I have extremely sensitive skin and wouldn’t go out of the house for a week after I depilitated my face before a friend gave me this stuff.

The only problem is, I can’t find it for sale here in the US. It’s made by a Canadian company and it’s getting expensive having friends ship it to me. A search on the internet gives me only one Canadian drug store. From what I can tell, SpectroJel609 was supposed to be sold in the US under the name SpectroDerm. So, where is it???(Be careful to use a “J” for the Jel part of the name if you search or you will get some surprisingly x-rated results. LOL)

Does anyone else use this product and do you buy it in the US?

This site has such great information. Thanks to everyone who posts.

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Thanks for the tip! I haven’t seen it here either, but Spectroderm is a registered trademark of SpectraPharm Dermatology, a division of Draxis U.S. Inc… They used to have a site a www.spectroderm.com, but it has been taken down.

Draxis discontinued detailing SpectroDerm to dermatologists in the US in 1999, but it may now be available again. At that time it was only available through dermatologists here.


Wellllll, I guess my mystery is solved. I’ll try checking with some dermatologists to see if I can just walk in and buy Spectro Derm. I have a sneaky feeling it’s going to be cheaper to have it shipped from Canada. :fearful:

Thanks Andrea.