Today I was getting my hair done, and asked the beautician whom I know a long time if she knew anyone good for hair reduction. She had been looking into getting her chin/under her chin done, and underarms. Then she told me she just hired someone who does it, actually rents her a room to use. I went in and chatted with her, and Dec 8th I have a spot test appointment. The brochure says her system is called The SpectraClear. Is anyone familiar with it? Any input would be cool. Thanks.

One more thing… is EpiLight or Aurora the same thing as SpectraClear? <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/confused.gif" alt="" />

I have an appointment this Thursday (Dec 16) to get a test patch done w/ Spectraclear. Sorry I can’t say much about it yet, but I’m going to do some more research, which is why I registered here today. I’ve searched on google for spectraclear, but did not find as much as I would like. How did your spot test go? Did you get your first full treatment yet? I’ll let you know what I thought, if I go through with my appointment. They’re hitting me up for $60 for this initial consultation/test area. If I decide to get the treatments done, the $60 goes toward my treatment. I’d like to get my face/neck (so I don’t have to shave, or atleast not very often) done. They quoted me $600 for 5 to 8 treatments. They have only had the system for 3 months, so I’m a little hesitant. What body part are you doing, and what type of pricing did you get?

 	The test patch was like nothing.  NO reaction so I was all hopeful.  I even posted about it all hopeful... then the next day I saw the horrid marks. Not on the test patch though.  I haD mailed pics to Andrea, and she wrote to me that it looked like those parts were overtreated.

Went back and she said its most likely because I went tanning 2 weeks prior. Who knows, but the are slowly fading. Not fast enough thgouh. Thursday will be a week, some are still dark purple. Better not be scarred or there will be problems.
I had my bikini done, and I do not see any clearing, and my arms. I see a little clearing on my arms, not much right now because she trimmed it all down A LOT before starting the treatment, so Im not sure right now if its from the trim or the treatment.
I paid 300 for the total for arms and bikini. Now, I am going to do the second treatment in January on those parts. I am reluctantly going to try this week my thighs, lower back and stomach. For that its going to be 350. I am very scared though of getting marks again. I am wondering if she can lower it or something.
As for doing research on it, I hope you find something worthwhile. I couldnt find much! Good luck, and lets keep in touch here since we are doing the same treatments!

I’m a little confused that the “purple patches” were not in the area of the test patch. Do you mean that when the test patches were done, there were no purple patches, and that when you got your first treatment, then the purple patches appeared. I mentioned “purple patches” to the owner of our local office and he seemed quite familiar with it, but I didn’t really understand everything he said. Though he did say something about between skin type and test patches, they can tell if you may be prone to get them.

As far as you haven’t seen much hair fall out yet, my wife has had 3 sessions of IPL hair removal on her lower legs and in all 3 cases it took two weeks before the hair started falling out, but at that point she thought it was quite obvious. She is also using Intense Pulsed Light, but a different office, which uses the Palomar Estelux System as opposed to the SpectraClear. It is more costly where she went, so she is also considering the SpectraClear for 1 or 2 final sessions on her legs, and then would also like to do the bikini area.

The owner is sending me an information packet on SpectraClear, and also told me that Symedex (www.symedex.com) is the is manufacturer/designer. For some reason, I never came across Symedex during my internet searches.

Anyways, I’ve postponed my initial test patch until I learn a little more. I’ll post again if the literature he sends is useful and please keep us updated on your progress. Hopefully, it hasn’t been 2 weeks since your full treatment, and then you will see noticeable results at this point. I also may get to talk to other customers from the local office who have already had 1 or more SpectraClear sessions.

Thats right, the test patch was clear! Its so weird right? I was so happy with the test patch.

the guy knew about the patches? Oooh I wish you couldve remembered or understood what he said <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/crazy.gif" alt="" />

The technician doing mine said " youre very sensitive" and that they will surely go away. Today makes it one week… they are still here, just not as bright seems they are brownish now.

Wow…2 weeks to start shedding? Ok at least I know now. My first appointment was last week Thursday for the arms/bikini. My next appointmnet for them (second treatment) is January 8th. Tomorrow I am going for other parts, so I will let you know tomorrow how it goes!

I got a call saying tomorrow my appointment has to be cancelled if I couldve made it tonight. I couldnt, no money on me tonight and didnt want to owe her.
Anyway, Im going next week now instead. Sofia (shes who does my treatments) asked me about the burns. I told her that now they are brownish and she said thats normal.

I still dont get how its normnal, and she said if she thought I was too tan she wouldnt have done it. I DID tell her I went 2 weeks before, sh said it should be long enough. She is convincved I have the burns because I was a tanner up until (now its 3 weeks) I decided to try this.

Office Duster, do you have dark skin? Dark skin is not suitable for most IPL systems. Aurora is combination RF/IPL so they turn down the IPL and use a RF/IPL combination for darker skin. I found that the skin on my legs is too dark for the Aurora. I will probably try the Lyra-i Nd:YAG laser on my legs in a month or so. The Lyra-i definitely worked better on my arms than the Aurora did, but the Aurora did do some good.


Hi. I am not dark skinned by any means. I was an avid tanner, but have cut it down drastically, and even when I did go a few weeks ago, it was not much. So if you look at me, I am not dark or tan at all.

IPL is not the best choice for hair removal, laser has advantage over it. In regard to brown spots, you got burned because of double shots or if more energy was used compared to the test shot. I would also suggest not tanning for duration of the procedures.

I know, no more tanning for now.
Now some of the patches where I got burned are peeling and showing new skin… ugh its so white and new the skin! I hope it doesnt make all of my skin peel, because now I can see its like when you have a sun burn and it peels in one place then spreads out all over!

Today some bikini hairs started coming out. Seems as if the arm hair is coming back. I had taken off what was there, now its back. Second treatment is January 5th.

How have your results been coming along with SpectraClear?

I finally went to a seminar that our local office had on IPL w/ Spectraclear, so I’m considering the procedure again. He zapped the back of my hand w/ a setting of “20” and it was relatively painless. If/when I decide to do it, they will do a few test patches on my face/neck w/ several different settings, to see which setting best suits my skin.

Hi! I have only had 2 treatmennts on each part so far. My next appt is Feb 23 but I may have to cacncel and give up for awhile. I am seeing hair come back, not that I lost a ton to begin with but did lose some. Also, I am missing my tan so much, I have to either give up Tanning for so long or laser. I decided I need my color back.

I am kind of disappointed in the amount I lost, which is minimal. I know its only been two treatments, but people I know who have done lasers have had good results after 2 treatments while waiting for the rest.