Specific areas with hairs that refuse to die

Hi everybody,

I’m facing an annoying matter of very fine hairs on a specific area on my thigh that just won’t slide out of the follicles. Just very few of them respond, unlike the other part of the thigh which does well. What could it mean, are those not in the growing stage? I do feel like I’m inserting the needle into the right place and all… How come my electrologist succeeds with almost every hair she treats and I don’t?

You are not succeeding with your self treatments, because you have not yet developed “the touch, and feel” of how to do an insertion, and you don’t know the vagaries of what makes up a good treatment energy, even if you do have a good insertion. My guess is that you have either a curved follicle, or a follicle that is deep, but thin, and you can’t split the difference between treating along the long shaft, while not overtreating the surrounding tissue. That is not something that a first day electrolysis student could possibly learn how to do in a day. We start them on the lower leg hairs because it is hard to mess that up. What you are trying to do is more advanced.

Many people think that electrolysis professionals get their money for nothing and their chicks for free, but it really is working.

Well, I tried different depths. I also plucked 3 hairs without treating and the shafts seem very short and didn’t have a black head on the tip. Does it mean it’s useless to treat them now? Must I shave and treat only new grown ones?
By the way, I use “One Touch” and it’s leaving wider red marks (but not scars of course, if the hair doesn’t respond I’d stop) then my electrologists’ machine, and obviously slower then hers. Does it mean it leaves more damage to the skin and so some resistant areas I’d better let her do?

If you plucked and did not get a black round end, it broke off beneath the surface of the skin. That is what the anchor system is designed to do.

The one touch is a lousy machine. The probes are too wide, but too short to treat the area you are working on. The spring system complicates the insertion, and you are literally burning your way into the follicle.

At a minimum, get a used professional machine that can do blend, so you have straight galvanic, blend, and thermolysis as treatment options.

Thanks a lot, guess I’ll only do the areas that work with my lousy machine and let my electrologist do the rest cause the real machines are expensive anyway and working on yourself is very uneasy…
God! I’m already like living at my eletrologist’s for a year, I’m so tired of seeing her. hope some day I’ll be threw with it.

If the hairs seem shallower and finer and have a white bulb on the end, then they are telogen hairs. These are hairs near the end of their growth cycle. If have found that they take more treatment time/energy (whatever the treatment mode) than the anangen hairs and often seem harder to remove after treatment.