Spearmint tea may help with excess body hair

Here’s a story from Yahoo for the ladies on here.

NEW YORK - A few mugs of spearmint tea could help women combat excess facial and body hair, Turkish researchers report.

Women with excess body hair, a condition known as hirsutism, who drank two cups of the herbal tea a day for five days showed significant reductions in their levels of free testosterone, Dr. Mehmet Numan Tamer and colleagues from Suleyman Demirel University in Isparta report.

Typical treatments for hirsutism target excess levels of male hormones, and include oral contraceptives to prevent the production of these hormones or drug treatment to block the body’s response to them, Tamer and his team point out in the journal Phytotherapy Research.

The researchers previously noted that drinking peppermint tea seemed to lower the libido in some men, which prompted them to investigate spearmint as an anti-hirsutism treatment. Hirsutism is characterized by excessive hair growth on the face, breasts and belly, and affects about 5 percent of women. It is thought to be related to the body’s level of androgens (male hormones).

The researchers had 21 women with hirsutism drink a tea prepared from a heaping teaspoon of dried spearmint leaves twice daily. Twelve of the women had polycystic ovary syndrome, while the rest had hirsutism with known cause.

After five days, the women’s levels of free testosterone (the biologically active form) declined, although their total testosterone level stayed the same. Women’s levels of luteinizing hormone, follicle stimulating hormone, and estrogen rose, while their triglyceride levels dropped significantly.

Women with high male hormone levels may also have high levels of triglycerides, insulin resistance, and obesity, the researchers note.

“Spearmint can be an alternative to antiandrogenic treatment for mild hirsutism. However, further studies are needed for testing the reliability and availability of spearmint as a drug for hirsutism,” the researchers conclude.

SOURCE: Phytotherapy Research, online February 20, 2007.


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so is anyone having any kind of affect at all, I have just started using it…

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Im going to share my personal experience but there’s no guarantee it will work the same for you. I personally feel like it helped me & has reduced my body hair. I used to have visible hair everywhere & it used to bother me. Now the hair that was once visible on buttocks is literally completely gone & I don’t feel like I’m extremely hairy anymore, so it must be from the spearmint tea because that’s the only thing I’m taking for hirsutism.

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Does anybody know if this might have an effect on a male with a lot of body hair? (Not transiting into female. A biological male who lives as a male who simply hates excess hair

spearmint is recognized as an antiandrogen . So yes, drining lots of spearmint tea will ave the effect of lowering overall free testosterone. It’s no different from taking a pill lie spironolactone however, and wont do anything about hair that is already growing. That will still need to be treated with electrolysis and removed. It will however stop follicles from being stimulated to grow a hair, that never have before, which is what testosterone does.

Could you share the details of the brand of spearmint and how many times a day you’d take it?

I order my spearmint tea off of Amazon & the brand is Traditional Medicinals organic spearmint tea. I only use it when I’m on my period & drink two cups a day once in the morning & once at night for about 7 days straight. I cut the tea bag open, dump out the spearmint leaves into a mug pour boiling hot water, cover it & let it seep for about 15 mins. I then strain it & add a little honey to the drink because drinking it without that makes me slightly nauseous. If it makes me feel nauseous after a few days I go down to one cup a day until my period ends. Hope that helps.