Has anyone had any experiences with this device. I was just reading up on it and seems like it might be a pretty good method of hair removal. If it actually works. I read also that it can be used at home.
If any one out there or one of the adminstrators could provide some insight that would be great. Also if and where one can be purchased. Thanks a mil.

I’ve had 2 treatments with this machine on my bikini line and legs in the past 3 months. On my lower legs I’ve seen maybe a 25 percent reduction, but no effect so far on my upper thighs and bikini line where I had previously undergone a great deal of electrolysis. What is odd is I have seen no shedding whatsoever. I shave my legs and some hairs just do not reappear.

Am I happy with the results? It’s a toss up. I will continue to get treatments for my lower legs, but may switch back to electrolysis for the binki line since that is where “permanence” is most important to me. The treatments are fairly inexpensive when compared to laser (Spatouch is a flashlamp), so I feel I can afford to take a risk. Also the hair that I am having treated is pretty sparse to begin with so I probably wouldn’t see dramatic results.

I would also be interested in hearing other people’s opinions since all the information out there seems to be provided by the manufacturer, not actual patients.