Spatouch and Epilight


Hello. Greetings from Chile, South America.

I recently visited a local studio where SpaTouch is used and I was very happy about the product so I decided to try it. But I just read an article in a local paper where a person claims that SpaTouch is not laser in the first place and worst of all that its effects are just temporary -“it’s only long lasting depilation” this person said- and that it activates folicles in the surrounding areas in the long run… Not exactly what I am looking for.
I have not tried SpaTouch yet, but as you can imagine, I am starting to doubt. Now, this person in the paper -I must warn you- supports Epilight, which as far as I know is a competitor of SpaTouch.
Do you know whether SpaTouch is laser or not? Is it permanent or just “long lasting” depilation? Is Epilight much better than Spatouch? Will I waste my money if I choose SpaTouch?
Thanks… Alejandra


The SpaTouch devices available here are very low power-- maximum 7.5 J/cm2 output. This will probably not have a long-term or permanent result. Epilight can cause a permanent reduction, but it has more side effects.