Spam from Finishing Touch, Simplique, and Anywhere Hair Remover

IdeaVillage, asseenontv dot com and LiveMercial have been busy using rogue affiliates to spam me lately with ads for the Finishing Touch trimmer.

Meanwhile, lolslideshow dot com has been spamming me with ads for rival Simplique.

In addition, optlog dot net, cpa-me dot com and youcansave dot com have been spamming for the Anywhere Hair Remover.

All are tiny little rotary razors that look pretty cheap.

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more spam for this thing.



From: Painless Hair Removal <

This time the spam is called Simplique.

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Subject: Simplique Hair Remover - As Shown on TV
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Simplique Hair Remover - The Quick and Easy Way to Remove Unwanted Hair

Get rid of that unwanted, embarrassing hair without having to deal with the=
pain of removing it. Simplique is the quick and easy way to remove hair f=
rom anywhere on your body. Remove hair without the strong odor of chemical=
s or the pain you get from plucking. The Smooth and Gentle Hair remover wi=
ll work on both fine or course hair without a problem… even stubborn chin=
hair can be removed with ease!

Simplique is the size of a pen and uses precision advanced microtechnology =
to effortlessly remove hair. The included eyebrow shaper will help you ach=
ieve the beautifully shaped brows you’ve always wanted. Great for Men too,=
this is the perfect trimmer for shaving perfect edges around beards and mo=
ustaches. To find out more to to get your own Simplique Hair Remover, just=
click on the link below

<a href=3D’’>

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<center><a href=3D"
://*addcode=3DCD871~bannerid=3D1235"><img sr=
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14" height=3D"121" alt=3D"" border=3D"0"></a></center>


<font face=3D"Arial,Helvetica,sans-serif" size=3D"2">

<a href=3D"*addcode=3DCD871~bannerid=3D1235"><img src=3D"htt=
p://" alt=3D"" width=
=3D"144" height=3D"282" border=3D"0" align=3D"right"></a>

Unwanted hair can be embarrassing! Getting rid of it can be a hassle and e=
ven painful. <a href=3D"
<b>Simplique Hair Remover</b></a> is the quick easy way to remove unwanted =
hair anywhere on=20

your body. Remove hair without the odor of chemicals or the pain you get f=

plucking. Simplique removes hair painlessly from the upper lip easily leavi=
ng only your=20

natural smooth skin. Course hair is not a problem… even stubborn chin ha=
ir can be=20

removed with ease!


Simplique is the size of a pen and uses precision advanced microtechnology =
to gently

remove unwanted hair smoothly in just seconds. The included eyebrow shaper=
will help=20

you a achieve the beautifully shaped brows you’ve always wanted without the=
painful pluck.=20

Unibrows are a thing of the past because it’s now easier than ever to keep =
them removed.=20

It’s gentle enough to safely use on sensitive areas like the bikini line=20

and yet powerful enough to use on the toughest of body hair.


<center><a href=3D"
://*addcode=3DCD871~bannerid=3D1235"><img sr=
c=3D"" width=3D"460"=
height=3D"68" alt=3D"" border=3D"0"></a></center>


Great for Men too, Simplique is the perfect trimmer for shaving perfect edg=
es around=20

beards and moustaches. Simplique is so gentle and safe you can even cut yo=
ur baby’s=20

hair without the worry of having to use sharp scissors. Getting rid of unwa=
nted hair has=20

never been easier or gentler than with Simplique!


<table width=3D"492" border=3D"0" cellspacing=3D"0" cellpadding=3D"0" align=

<td><a href=3D"*addcode=3DCD871~bannerid=3D1235"><img src=3D=” width=3D"200"=
height=3D"84" alt=3D"" border=3D"0"></a></td>

<td>     </td>

<td><font face=3D"Arial,Helvetica,sans-serif" size=3D"2">

Made out of lightweight aluminum which provides strength and allows you to =
use the=20

Simplique Hair Remover with ease!



=09<li>Cleaning Brush</li>

=09<li>Eyebrow Shaper</li>

=09<li>Carrying Case</li>

=09<li>Extra Blade</li>





<center><a href=3D"
://*addcode=3DCD871~bannerid=3D1235"><img sr=
c=3D"" width=3D"=
126" height=3D"31" alt=3D"" border=3D"0"></a></center>






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Date: Mon, 21 Apr 2003 20:08:33 UT
X-Haus: H4F%N9&]M25:1:7L(W^Z2<NVCW8C`I:_FWF&CB><U14X’%8XOE3#EZ```
Subject: No More Painful Waxing ñ Remove Hair Instantly & Easily
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<img src=3D"
=3DFT01&CID=3D100679" “>Are you =0D
tired of embarrassing facial hair and dread painful hair removal from=
sensitive =0D
areas? <strong>Finishing Touch erases hair painlessly and instantly. =
</strong><a href=3D"
658”>Click =0D
Here if you can not see the video!</a> </font><img src=3D"http://66.1=
97.103.40/global/images/audio_white.gif" align=3D"top"></td>=0D
<td width=3D"102" height=3D"102"><a href=3D"http://click.superdealmail.=
com/sp/"><img src=3D"
ge/finishingtouch5/images/ft_01.gif" width=3D"102" height=3D"102" border=3D=
<td width=3D"188" height=3D"102"><a href=3D"http://click.superdealmail.=
com/sp/"><img src=3D"
ge/finishingtouch5/images/ft_02.gif" width=3D"188" height=3D"102" border=3D=
<td width=3D"260" height=3D"102"><a href=3D"http://click.superdealmail.=
com/sp/"><img src=3D"
ge/finishingtouch5/images/ft_03.gif" width=3D"260" height=3D"102" border=3D=
<td width=3D"102" height=3D"152"><a href=3D"http://click.superdealmail.=
com/sp/"><img src=3D"
ge/finishingtouch5/images/ft_04.gif" width=3D"102" height=3D"152" border=3D=
<td width=3D"188" height=3D"152" background=3D"
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<param name=3D"movie" value=3D"
<param name=3D"quality" value=3D"high"/>=0D
<embed src=3D"
illage&Product=3Dfinishingtouch" quality=3D"high" pluginspage=3D"https:=
//" type=3D"application/x-shockwave-fla=
sh" width=3D"188" height=3D"152"></embed>=0D
<td width=3D"260" height=3D"152"><a href=3D"http://click.superdealmail.=
com/sp/"><img src=3D"
ge/finishingtouch5/images/ft_06.gif" width=3D"260" height=3D"152" border=3D=
<td width=3D"102" height=3D"44"><a href=3D"http://click.superdealmail.c=
om/sp/"><img src=3D"
e/finishingtouch5/images/ft_07.gif" width=3D"102" height=3D"44" border=3D"0=
<td width=3D"188” height=3D"44"><a href=3D"http://click.superdealmail.c=
om/sp/"><img src=3D"
e/finishingtouch5/images/ft_08.gif" width=3D"188" height=3D"44" border=3D"0=
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om/sp/"><img src=3D"
e/finishingtouch5/images/ft_09.gif" width=3D"260" height=3D"44" border=3D"0=
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com/sp/"><img src=3D"
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com/sp/"><img src=3D"
ge/finishingtouch5/images/ft_11.gif" width=3D"188" height=3D"137" border=3D=
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com/sp/"><img src=3D"
ge/finishingtouch5/images/ft_12.gif" width=3D"260" height=3D"137" border=3D=
<td height=3D"249" colspan=3D"3" background=3D"
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er"></embed> =0D
</object> </td>=0D
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elvetica, sans-serif"> Powered=0D
by <strong>LIVEMERCIAL</strong> • </font></em><font size=3D=
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Into the Power of <strong>LIVEMERCIAL</strong>, <a href=3D"http:/=
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