Spacing of facial hair treatments?

Hi can I just ask some advice re appropriate spacing of facial hair treatments? Have just had two sessions of laser (Apogee Alexandrite, don’t know the settings used) on my chin & on my underarms.
When I went for my consultation session they told me that a) I would have to let the hair grow between sessions (ie no trimming or shaving) as it was more effective in terms of destroying the hair. Secondly they said that initially I should have treatments frequently (ie weekly or every two weeks) in order to try get rid of the facial hair ASAP as this was my main concern. So I did my first session then ended up missing my 2nd & 3rd scheduled sessions as was pretty much snowed in. Long story short my 2nd session was thus 3 weeks after my first, most of the hair on my underarms had fallen out bar some small tufts and also what looked like new growth, harder to tell with the chin as had done sneaky trimming in between. I mentioned I had also had some skin aggravation from the singed hairs poking into my underarms for a few days, the technician was also concerned that some of the hairs on my chin were looking whiter than I had initially thought (initially most of the hair in the area looked dark).The technician has asked me to come back next week to see what my response is like & if it is worth continuing with laser for my chin. Long winded way of asking is this not too soon - if it takes that long for the hair to fall out surely I will have no idea if it is working or not? Secondly is it correct that I have to have the hair 3 - 4mm long, I hate having to have whiskers in work! When I went for the consultation I had shaved the area a few days prior & was told that the hair was too short for the laser to work, on my first proper appointment I was also told that the chin hair was too short, they used the Alexandrite & also a different laser with a gel (sorry no idea what type…)Any thoughts?

  • Shaving or clipping is 100% allowed. Laser only targets hair underneath the skin’s surface

  • There is no reason to have and pay for such frequent treatments. All treated hair should shed within 3 weeks if good settings are used. Whatever is growing as usual at that point was missed due to sloppy treatment. If there is a lot missed, they should be giving a free touchup

  • Most people need treatments every 8 weeks on the face. Underarms can wait up to 12 weeks. You should be able to tell when you need another treatment, i.e. when you have enough new hair grow in after shedding and a hairfree period.

  • I’m assuming you’re female. How much hair is on your chin? Laser only works on coarse dense growth and can actually stimulate hair to make it worse if you treat finer hair. Unless you have serious large patches of coarse growth on your face, I would advise to get electrolysis on that area instead.

  • The hair should be shaved before treatment.

  • How old are you? Sometimes lighter hairs aren’t visible unless you remove just the darker hairs.

  • Do you know the settings that were used? Find out spot size, joules, and pulse width.

Thanks for the quick reply, I had a bad feeling I might get that feedback!
Yup am 29 year old female, I would estimate maybe 25 hairs on each side of my chin, they are coarse but not all are dark as I had initially thought (had been plucking initially then moved to shaving in prep for electrolysis), the remaining ones are an attractive ginger or white colour… Tried electrolysis in two different places previously - one place was a plucking session (discovered the difference after reading up here) and in the second place I ended up with blisters all on my chin so am reluctant to go that route again though I know if properly done it is the most effective method. Half of the problem is that the skin on both sides of my chin are continually red regardless of what I do and this is another thing to try disguise.
Really don’t know what to do. This laser place is chockers busy & the staff had initially seemed v professional but am dubious the more I read here. Try again to make it 5th place lucky perhaps?

What you described should be treated with good electrolysis. If you post your location, others may have recommendations here. You should look for someone experienced using thermolysis method of electrolysis.

I wouldn’t do laser on so few hairs. You may end up with more hair than you started. Plus, this clinic doesn’t seem very knowledgeable.