Spaced-out sessions?

Hi. I am new to this forum and am considering electrolysis. I’m in the beginning stages of looking into all the ins and outs. I have some questions that hopefully those in the know can answer for me.

  1. If I start treatment on an area and cannot return for more treatments for a period of time, will this affect the results overall?

  2. Can someone give me an average cost per hour for electrolysis in South Jersey or Philadelphia? I just want to know what I’m looking at in terms of cost.


  1. Yes, it will prolong your time to completion.

  2. Cost varies between $1 and $2 per minute.

Shop around for a better electrologist rather than shopping for the cheapest rate, as a cheaper per-hour rate does not necessarily mean a cheaper price to completion, and the most expensive per-hour rate can cost you much, much less overall.

You should explain the hairs per minute vs. dollars per hour and skin condition thing here. I don’t have time to do it now.