Spa Touch By Radiancy

Has anyone heard of Radiancy’s Spa Touch Photoepilation, How effective is it and is it based on IPL or Photoepliation???

SpaTouch was cleared by FDA, but not for permanent hair reduction. Here’s the intended use statement (It was submitted under the name DeLight):

(FDA Docket K992482)

“The DeLight™ II HR System is intended for removal of unwanted body and/or facial hair in adults. The System is specifically indicated for dermatological use by physicians and healthcare professionals.”

Cleared 12/27/99

To Andrea Binghan

Thank you for your reply regarding spa touch. I am based in north England and i am setting up hair removal clinic very soon. I have been a qualified electrologist for over 13 years and worked with epilight for one year.

I am very interested in the spa touch. Can you tell me whether spa tuch is FDA cleard for hair removal and do you have clients that have completed a course of treatment with ‘adequate’ reduction. With epilight on light hairs and dark hair and working on legs, i have four clients who only have few hairs left after 5 treatments. Asian skin on facial hairs takes at least 10-15 treatments and still treating them. Do you have better success with spa touch on asian skins. How dffective is it on red hairs as epilight is useless for this.

Hope to hear from you soon.