Soy Unify from Roc?


Check this site…
and ( this review on a product called Soy Unify that RoC has been marketing as effective (??) as a UV-defense, anti-ageing, skin unigying product… but since it theoretically? contains soy, could it have some effect on the slowing facial hair growth??

Here is the review:

“Having been recently introduced to the benefits of a soy-based line of facial products that I loved, I was eager to try out the new RoC®’s Soya Unify. Unlike other soy-based lines, RoC® Soya Unify features non-denatured soy proteins along with trace elements of copper, zinc and magnesium and are designed for women aged 40+ who are concerned about an uneven complexion, dull-looking skin and uneven brown spots. The three step program smoothes and moisturizes the skin while reduces the appearance of skin blotchiness and pigmentation.”

andrea, what do you think?

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