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I have been looking at alot of research on hair removal in particular gene therapy, alot of the information i have read sounds promising that one day they may be a cream that switches off the gene that controls hair growth in the area that it has been applied. With the finding of the hairless gene etc scientist seem confident that hair growth will be able to be controlled, with stopping hair growth easier to acheive than stiumlating hair growth. Does anybody know of any trials that are taking place, what sort of timescale are we looking at until a lotion product could be avaiable?

Any product that alters genetic material is going to be studied VERY carefully before it is allowed to be sold commerically in the US, especially if the application is for a cosmetic use like hair removal/reduction.

Any trials occurring at this time seem to be focusing on patients with alopecia, with healthy patients being used as controls. Most of the work is still in the animal study phase, though.

FDA will be heavily regulating any human clinical trials of this sort. Causing genetic mutations in cells could cause all sorts of unexpected side effects, so there will need to be considerable clinical data on treatment safety in animals before humans can be experimented on.

This does sound awesome but, with a cream that prevents hair growth, everyone starts to use it, no one shaves anymore, how many jobs will be lost and is it possible that the gov won’t want this to happen and prevent this magical cream to ever exist commercially - Could a cure already exist and the gov could be covering it up???

The conspiracy theory angle comes up on occasion, usually put forth by a quack who claims a conspiracy is working to keep their new product down.

In a free-market economy, the government is usually going to allow market forces to do what they can. The government didn’t suppress the automobile industry to save the jobs of buggy makers and horse breeders. And the companies who make razors are actively involved in finding the next product for hair removal. Gillette is a partner with Bristol-Myers/Squibb in making and marketing Vaniqa, a topical hair inhibitor.

If anything, the government has been lax in regulating products brought on the market. They allowed deadly x-ray hair removal to continue for decades, even when it cut into electrolysis business. They have allowed all sorts of things on the market that have failed, too, like the first attempt at microwave hair removal. The government has no interest in propping up outdated technology if something better comes along. They are simply supposed to reguklate for safety and effectiveness and let the markets sort things out.

That’s where this site comes in. We’re on our own to determine what works and what doesn’t, and consumer activism is an important part of the market forces that make the system work pretty well.

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If someone does come up with a revoutionary cream it will be so expensive a lot of people won’t be able to afford it. So there will always be a market for shaving products.