Sort of update and a question!

i read andrea’s comment that people aren’t posting their experiences - so thought i’d post something. Sorry i don’t have any pictures and i’ve not approached my treatment in a very scientific manner.

i go to a clinic that uses the coolglide.

i’ve just had my 3rd TX on my legs and bikini and i’m due for a fourth on my arms and hands (last seesion was 4 wks ago - i’m not sure whether to go back in 5 or 6 wks time - may opt for 6)

i’m hoping that by the time i go back for the 4th TX on my legs, i will have significant improvement. I’m already not shaving very often, to the point that i’m forgetting to check my legs before i go out, not realising that the missed patches have grown hair!

my legs seem to have been more successful than my arms and hands, the fine hair on the top half of my arms has not been that successful and my hands seem to be sprouting hair on bits that i didn’t think had hair before.

Overall i think the amount of hair has reduced but there are a number of missed patches, next time i must remember not to shave and to take my own razor so that the nurse can see which bits need the most attention. Thier own razors are horrid and you end up with cuts! So i always shave before i go.

I also need to become more questioning re:the settings. There are three little boxes on the machine the first one on the left i assume shows the joules, but i don’t know what the next 2 mean - i can’t work out which one indicates pulse width? Most of the nurses don’t speak very good english so it makes it more difficult.

generally the settings they are using seem to vary between 42,15 and 47,10. i think the different nurses have their own favourite settings

Finally to my question! which is similar to another query posted already - my skin seems to have become more sensitive, for instance if i wear pop socks or holdups i end up with red welts which last for days (i’ve even had a blister) i think it must be due to the laser treatment. and at the moment part of my leg is sore when i touch it similar to when you’ve knocked into something. plus maybe i was tired but the last TX on my legs was the most painful to date. 42 joules.

So i am begining to wonder about the actual long term effect of this treatment on my skin. Also if i’ve got hormones that are used to stimulating hair growth and if there is no hair where are they going to go?( over simplified i know), i’ve also noticed that whenever i run my fingers through my hair (on my head :-)), lots more of it than ever before seems to be coming away.

But i am so desperate i would be very reluctant to give to up.

i have though decided that i’m not going to have my under arms done for the moment becuase i’m worried about just how deep the laser penetrates.

Sorry that’s my long little saga

The numbers you list are the laser fluence in Joules (a unit of energy) and the pulse time or length in milli-seconds. Since you do not list the third number I can only speculate that it is the repetition rate used for the auto setting, something like pulses per some time frame or time between pulses.

Skin sensitivity and welts along with hair loss on non-treated areas do not sound normal for laser hair removal in my experiences. I would keep an eye on these symptoms and seek professional medical advice if they persist or get worse.

The underarms are one of the more commonly done areas and are good candidates for laser hair removal but I would hold off till you can determine the cause of the symptoms you listed.