sorry for spellings. I meant electrologist

Please help me find one. I wish James was in Bay Area !!!

Sorry, I am not in SF, but when I was considering moving out there, I was going to work with the people you will find at
Arcy Barajas RE
A Hair Less/Union St. Electrolysis
1996 Union St., Suite 305
San Francisco,CA 94123
Phone: (415) 931-7062

A Hair Less Electrology - East Bay/Alameda
1416 Everett Street
Alameda, CA 91501
Phone: (510) 865-5963

Bert Straad has since moved to Redding California, and continues to be a great electrologist, and the Redding area is the better for having him there.

I would still work with them if I moved to SF :wink:

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