Sorisa DE 6000


I need to buy an electrolysis machine but the Apilus are very expensive, together with Sorisa they are the only ones I find here. The fact is that I have found a unit at a good price and I needed to know if, for example, the needle holder breaks, could they be used by other brands or would it be useless?


Sorisa is a well known brand in some places, in particular in spain andthey are 13.56 mhz epilators from my understanding, as are most epilators. So if the connector fits the machine, the probeholders are transferable usually.
Apilus, at least the platinum and the Xcell, on the other hand are 27 mhz machine and apilus are the only brand that makes such machines. These probeholders cannot be used on a 13.56 mhz machine even if the connector is the same. .
I would look into instantron as well, aside from being a 13.56 mhz machine, they are very reliable, and I know at least one spanish electrologist who uses one on spanish power systems on a regular basis. Instantrons are top notch machines, priced reasonably, and the owner of Instantron supports his purchasers machines well and beyond what he needs to. Skip is one of the best in the industry to deal with. I cant say enough good things about Instantron .

Thanks a lot.

Finally the Sorisa DE 6000 arrived but without instructions. Does anyone have them?

Thank you.