Soprano vs Gentlease - Need advice

I have never had laser hair removal done before but have narrowed down my preferences based on some test patches I had done (i think). The areas to be treated are the brazillian and underarms. I usually shave/wax my underarms but only trim the brazillian area. An overview of my skin type, experience etc:

Skin type: I’ve been told I am 3-5 (visited around 5 clinics & each had a different opinion). I think 4 should be the closest match, darker in the braz area. I’m Indian (the actual Indian, not american).
Sex: Female
Age: 30
Hormonal issues: PCOS, under treatment (contraceptive pill) last 2 yrs or so.
Hair colour: Black
Hair texture: very coarse
Test patch for Gentlease results:
Tested underarm without shaving, around 1inch square, it hurt pretty bad, the tech said she used around 16joules I think. Not sure if all the hair fell out since I shaved several times after the test but a few have grown back since the last shave. Test done around 7weeks ago. No ‘pepper spots’ visible where hair fell out.
Was advised I’d need 2 treatments @ 6weeks, 2 @ 8 weeks & then 10 - 12 weeks as required.

Test patch for Soprano results:
Tested braz area (bikini, just outside underwear on thigh), quite a large area around 2inch square. Tech shaved area before test, used around 12joules i think, no pain just a ‘sensation’. Have not shaved area since, not all hair fell out and around 30 have grown back (that i can see). Usually have pretty thick growth. Test done around 8 weeks ago. ‘Pepper spots’ visible, possibly becoz I have not shaved or scrubbed the area.
Was advised I’d need 3 treatments @6weeks, 3 @ 8 weeks & 2 @ 10 weeks.

I am leaning towards the Soprano since it is a diode and apparantly more suitable for my skin type however another friend who is much darker than I went to this clinic years ago for her face and had bad results - her hair actually grew back more dense! I’ve heard this is possible in rare cases and only on the face area - she did have hormonal issues too (PCOS) and was in her early 20’s at the time. She has had great results at the Genlease clinic tho and strongly recommends it. Confused becoz she is much darker than me but still had good results with the Gentlease. I think her experience with the regrowth was with a Yag laser since the Soprano has not been out for that long & that clinic used to use the Yag previously.
Also confused becoz the area tested with Gentlease is smaller hence find it hard to judge results based on regrowth. Gentlease is cheaper tho, around $45 less per session (AUD, Im in melbourne, australia).
Please let me know what you think & if you need more info… I want to start treatment this week.


Since you’re Indian, you’re at least a type IV or possibly even close to V. GentleLASE is not a good machine for you. Soprano is also not great.

You should really research ND:Yag machines like Coolglide, GentleYAG, GentleMAX, Apogee Elite, Sciton etc. Those would be best in your case.

In order to use GentleLASE on you, they would need to use very low settings, which would mean results will most likely not be very permanent. There is also a high chance for burns. Soprano requires experience to use correctly. It seems many clinics out there still don’t know how to use it properly.

And your treatments should be spaced 8-12 weeks apart. You shouldn’t have anything to treat yet at 6 weeks if things go well.

You may want to post on the LHR forum which we check more often.