Soothing shaving irritation

Hey all, just wanted to share a couple of things that have really helped me. I recently (reluctantly) went back to shaving my bikini line after years of just trimming. Previously, I’d get ingrowns and irritation like nobody’s business. Not so now.

  1. Probably already well-discussed, but a 2% salicylic acid gel. I use one made for facial acne/blackheads, that’s ph-balanced. No irritation whatsoever. It’s a well-known drugstore brand often marketed to teens, I’m sure there are others. Mine has a lot of silicone in it, which isn’t great, but it does make application smooth.

  2. I ran out of that (will get more), but found a good interim fix. I use a (famous and expensive) facial serum - has antioxidants, peptides, all that jazz - and decided to mix it with some OTHER awesome stuff - bee propolis, can’t remember the make (was a gift from a friend). It’s got antibacterial properties, purportedly soothes burns… Anyway, natural types have used bee propolis for all kinds of medicinal purposes, and it’s actually being taken seriously in medical circles too, according to Wikipedia.

It’s pretty waxy, which is partly why I mixed it with the serum (plus, the serum on its own does amazing things to my face, so…) I still have irritation, but it’s much reduced than it usually is, and doesn’t itch (amazing). I’ll see what happens with the regrowth and update. (No probs with regrowth, btw, with the salicylic acid gel.)