Does anyone have any experience with this item:

It sounds good except for the “National TV Bargains” site which pretty much says “buyer beware” in it’s name. I can’t tell if this is similar to the microwave technology you are referring to here or if it’s a different technology. It says “ultrasonic waves” destroy the hair from root to tip. Huh? I guess I can be the ginuea pig here if no one else knows anything about this. I’ll check back in a couple of weeks and see if there’s any replies and if not, I’ll go ahead and blow the $20 and try it out. I have a used One Touch machine but I’ve been hesitant to use it because:

  1. My eyesight isn’t all that great even with the magnifying mirror I bought.
  2. I hate to admit that I’m a little scared to hurt myself even though I’m a pretty tough guy.

My main need at this point is removing some high cheek facial hairs where I’ve managed to shave up a little too high on my face and also some neck hairs where I’ve managed to shave too low on my neck. Guess I got a little carried away shaving… :blush: