Sona - Norfolk, VA: Experiences

I’ve only had one treatment so far, I’ll update this post along the way. Treament started on March 17th

They had a cancellation the day I called, so they slid me in right away on the very same day.

Personal Service: First of all they were very nice, didn’t even blink at a ‘guy’ getting facial hair removed (Or the fact I told them I would be going on estrogen mid-treatment). Consultation was very smooth, friendly. They did not make any promises and were willing to give me rates of their success and quite open about it being permanent hair reduction, not removal.

Actual Procedure: Ow, way more painful than I thought it would be, but the nurse was up front about the fact that it can be quite painful. She constantly asked for feedback on whether she could turn it up or down (I had her turn it up three times, but eventually it was backed down one setting). Very nice and professional, carefully explained everything I should/shouldn’t do over the next few days.

Results so far: I know many people say you don’t often see results after the first session, but holy crap! I can notice a HUGE reduction in hair already. Normally to keep a male ‘business friendly’ face I have to shave every other day (Monday, Wednesday and Friday). Now I could shave only once or twice a week(Just Monday, or Monday/Thursday). My skin is a Type II, so this probably had something to do with it.

Hi Dracono:

I have posted my experiences elsewhere here.

I am glad it seems to be working for you. I found that was the case at times, but needed some electrolysis afterwards anyways. I had 9-10 lasers followed by 62 hours of electro so far. I used Lightsheer Laser Diode. I still had a lot of dark regrowths afterwards, plus I had some white or grey hairs.

What system did they use on you?

By the way, congratulations on being brave enough to tell them about your going on estrogen. I have been on it for 7 months now along with spironolactone.


Sona as far as I know only uses Alexandrite lasers.

I have extremely fair and sensitive skin. The quote from Spacejam “Larry’s not white, Larry’s clear” applies to me.

Removal of my facial hair was something I was planning to do long before I even decided to take hormones. I can’t grow a beard and have very sparse hair compared to my relatives (I’m XXY, non-klinefelter’s for the record and that probably has a bit to do with my hair)

Hi Dracono:

You are lucky if your facial hair is sparse. I love getting rid of what I have as far as facial hair goes, but the treatments are not that easy to take.

I have found that my skin is more sensitive since being on HRT. I have 2 hour electro sessions and find that at the end of the second hour any numbing cream or painkillers don’t seem to work as well. Laser is much quicker sessions, so if you prepare it helps.

If your skin is clear now, HRT should make it more so, even translucent and softer too. I believe the water content of the skin surface increases somewhat.

Keep us posted how your treatments go. Good luck!

PS- I have never had my genetic xy factor checked out,it would probably come back as xyz.

Okay, it’s now been nearly a month since my first treatment. As I’m a full time student I just let my facial hair grow out for a full week two weeks in a row to see what it would look like.

It doesn’t make alot of sense, because I keep reading about 40% of the hair being active at a time, but it almost looks as if I’ve had over a 50% reduction. I haven’t had to shave the middle part of my upper lip since it was done, there simply isn’t any hair there anymore, period.

I have noticed one thing, the hair on the ‘underside’ of my jaw seems to be more populous than other places. Is this typical? I’m wondering if the laser didn’t do as good a job there, it’s still very much reduced, it just doesn’t seem quite as much as the rest.

Of course, I’ve also got an extremely odd genetic makeup, so I don’t really know how typical ANY of my results will be for folks to benchmark off of!

As for genetics, there are some very obvious things that tip off Klinefelter’s, which is what I have. I’m sterile, my body proportions are ‘off’. You know that thing where they say your arms spread out are as long as you are tall? I’m 6’0" and my arms are 6’6" in length. I’m shorter sitting down than my little brother who’s 6" shorter than me, as my torso is not the ‘right’ size for my body. My feet are exceptionally slender for a ‘male’ (Yay, it means I can shop at payless =) ). My brothers and father get a five o clock shadow at noon, where as I didn’t get one until 2 days later. Unfortunately, it’s not like I got zero testosterone, as I still have a very male voice and an adam’s apple.

The beard is different. I read on one of the Hairfacts links that up to 90% of the beard hairs are in the growth stage at any one time.


Interesting, that certainly would make alot of sense then. I know I didn’t get 90% of it zapped, but…I mean. I’ve gone from shaving Monday, Wednesday and Friday to just Monday. I’m so happy and this is only one treatment :slight_smile:

Hi Dracono:

Just for your info HRT won’t affect your voice or your adams apple.

The thing about reduction levels with laser is that some of the hair may come back sometime down the road.

I started on Laser and now I am exclusively on Electrolysis to finish. I might consider laser on other body parts though.

I am glad you are happy with your reduction so far though.
Unfortunately I need to get rid of as much as possible permanently, so that takes time and patience.


Thankfully I can already pitch my voice into the female range.

Indeed, I used to have a much higher voice, even after it ‘cracked’ in puberty. I pitched it downwards from there so much that it sort of stuck. I was constantly teased and beatup for being gay in high school, so it was sort of a defense mechanism.

I diagnosed myself as GID at about 14, though I had ‘girlthoughts’ since about 4 I just didn’t understand what it meant, but due to my upbringing I didn’t believe in it and ran off the assumption I was gay for about 10years instead.

So in my case I need to ‘relearn’ my old pitch and then work from there! Unfortunately I very much have an adam’s apple, it’s not so big, but my neck is fairly long and supple so it shows up easily.

Facial hair wise, it’s still pretty much the same. I LOVE only having to shave once a week and it’s only going to get better from here. I’m nowhere near transition, but it is very nice to just get rid of such a masculine thing.

Hi Dracono:

I just had my 70th hour of electrolysis, after 9 laser treatments. It seems to be working well now thankfully. Before if I had shaved in the morning, and wanted to go out in the evening I would need to shave and apply a camoflage.
Before this last electrolysis session, I had to let it grow in for 7 days so she would be able to find some of the hairs to treat.

I too knew I was trans at an early age, and in my early teens it was very intense. I went into denial and tried to act “normal”, but for me that was just a wooden facade. Unfortunately lots of people will/do think we are gay because they are ignorant.

If you have a big adams apple it is possible to get tracheal shaving. I am lucky that mine isn’t too big, but my voice isn’t high pitched either. Some women have deeper huskier voices however, and it is the intonation, etc. that is most important.


Just had my second appointment yesterday. As before, the staff was very friendly, professional.

Before the actual treatment, they took me aside and made sure that everything was in order and took a survey of how I felt about everything, the pain, the service, the treatment’s results etc.

The treatment was by the same nurse I had last time, I hadn’t told her I was TS before, but I told her this time. She was supportive, didn’t even blink and it didn’t seem to phase her in the slightest.

The pain this time was considerably less, given how much hair I had removed last time I can see how this could be. I had pretty much 50% of my hair knocked out in the first treatment. So she bumped the setting up, two below the maximum. I again declined the sonacaine. The nurse was surprised I could handle it, but I had before and I did again.

Same results afterwards. I look like I’d been stung by about a hundred bees, my face was red as hell for about 8hours, then it faded and now 24hours later my face looks completely normal again. In fact I could almost swear some of my acne blemishes have cleared up, but that could just be a coincidence.

I’ll post another update in a few weeks when I have my fallout.

Hi Dracono:

Congratulations on your bravery in telling your practitioner and also on the success you are getting in treatment.

It is reassuring to be getting somewhere with the hair problem. If you feel as I do, then I know you must detest the hair and must be so happy to be rid of it.


Mmm, okay now a full month after my second treatment, I may need to sit down and talk with Sona.

The treatment worked wonderful, it knocked out almost all the dark hair I had left. There’s almost nothing there, I can get away without shaving for about 2weeks now.

Problem…just because there’s no visible hair doesn’t mean there isn’t hair. I have a ton of white/clear hairs. Now, the laser did not make these, they were there before. I have no idea what to do now, as I still have three Sona sessions I paid for and the laser won’t touch these I’m sure.

White and clear hairs require a stereo microscope and probe electrolysis if you hope to clear them all.


I think that you should space your remaining sessions that you paid for out, since some of the dark hair may grow back in time.

The lighter hairs will need electrolysis. I did laser first for 9 sessons and now am doing electrolysis to get rid of what is left.


Had third treatment about a month ago. The results were once again quite good. I discussed with them my problems with the white/bleached hair, my next treatment isn’t until Jan next year as a result. I’m up to the maximum setting.

A few areas on my face now haven’t been shaved in a month. My sideburns are probably 90% clear, upper lip is 100% clear, but the sides are still a pain in the butt. The underside of my jaw is still a pain, however it takes about a week before any hairs are visible (I don’t develop a shadow anymore as far as I can tell).

Electro to finish up for sure after my last zapping next May, but considering as of right now at any point I only seem to have about 40-50hairs growing on my face (I can actually sit down and count them if I’m bored enough). It hopefully won’t take too long.

Hi Pathia:

Getting rid of facial hair is a long term project. It sounds as though you have made a lot of splendid progress so far.

I still get a few widely spaced hairs on my upper lip, after over 2 years. Most of my upper face is very good, with the only thicker hairs being near my throat area.
I am full time so have to grow out my facial hair for electrolysis which I hate doing. Luckily they are not that bad anymore.

If anyone is planning on full time they should do as much hair removal on their face as possible ahead of time, especially if they need electrolysis.


Hi Aliciadarling, I’d like to know about your experience with electrolysis so far. I am very much in agreement with you about putting as much electrolysis behind you as possible before going full time. I have just started on spironolactone, 200mg a day for a week now, and told my doctor that I wanted to hold off on the estrogen until I was more physically prepared (less muscle, body hair, and no beard!) for the changes that I would be making. I’ve purchased a uni-probe blend epilator, and have been doing self electrolysis for about a month now. I can’t do this all by myself, and am wondering what to expect from a professional electrologist, as far as, do they concentrate on a small patch at a time, or work all over your face for the allotted time? Except for my upper lip and chin, which I can work on myself, my beard is fairly sparce. Do you think this could possibly be cleared (the sideburns, jaws and neck) in a how many (guess-ti-mate) hours? thanks, Kay

stereo microscope???

Hi Kay:

Spiro will help with thinning the body hair but it takes a very long time. I took estrogen in combination with the spiro. I think they work better in combination. The combination effect means that you woud get fat distribution which would make your muscles less defined as well as having softer skin plus develope breasts and hips. But if you are not ready for full time you may want to hold off on the estrogen a while. I just know it made me feel a lot better and that there was hope for me.

Most people agree that getting full clearance on an area and sticking to a recommended schedule for retreatment is the best method. You may have to go over the area several times, and eventually the hair will become less and less. Only your electrolygist would be able to estimate how many hours it would take for your personal case, and maybe they would not be that accurate on that estimate.

If you can’t spend enough time to get the full face cleared you may want to concentrate on the same area each time and work your way to full clearance. Rates are usually cheaper per hour than half hour. I do 2 hours per session.

PS- I found the neck was a very sensitive area for me. I concentrate on the upper central face area and work towards the sides, and then downwards to the neck. The neck area is sensitive and the hairs there are gnarly, wiry, vile nasty beasts!