Sona Med Spa - feedback?

I want to get some feedback from people who have been treated at sona. I went to the Boston (burlington) location for a consult and they didn’t impress me much, though I didn’t come away with a feeling that they are totally inept. The main issue - they opened last October and all of their nurses have laser experience for only these last 8-9 months. I’m just not sure they know what they’re doing. I’ve had LHR done at another place and am looking to make a switch - so far results haven’t been great and the price has been high. Any advice on sona, esp. from men? Anyone been treated at the burlington, ma location?

I’m a female with olive skin and dark hair.

I had my best results on my armpits and the worst on my face.

I’m not very impressed with Sona and will not be continuing there once I finish my treatment package.