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Hey y’all
check this out

that’s their webpage

let’s the bashing begin:)

That is really interesting.
The company has proven the efficacy of the core component through preliminary human in-vivo trial.

The technology had also been validated through ex-vivo models of animal and human (human hair and follicle sunk in skin-like phantoms) under thermal imaging.

It showed 65C temperature at the hair follicile.

It sounds good, they dont give a reall description of what the product or machine would look like and how it works? It also says that they are targeting long term and not permanent hair removal? just wondering if yu e-mailed them or know of any other information… I think there are a lot of exciting things regarding hair removal and people who are sick of shaving or paying a lot of money for crappy services should be excited

I did email them with these questions

Here’s the Thread from the other day.

Note this is an “ultrasound” device, which may mean it is a version of the old microwave hair removal devices no longer in distribution.

I dont understand how to post a new thread?? can anyone help… but i want to ask everyone if they know of a website or anything to do with clincal research or trials that are offering free laser removal for scientific studies… im a college kid and dont want to wait to get laser removal, but cant afford it! helppppp…

already responded to this in a different thread. posting once is sufficient for a response usually here <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" />

Hey hairybastard, just wondering if you had heard anything from this company, I believe you sent them an e-mail. Do you know how far they are away from product developement and bringing it to the market? and any other information… thanks

I emailed them but got no answer.