something awful..

has happened after my second laser treatment on my face. they are using the lightsheer and i told the tech that the first time burned me a little bit, so she turned down the joules this time to i think 25. i was ok for the first 2 or 3 weeks or so (except i didnt think i was having as good a result as after the first treatment) but in the last two weeks i have a huge red, itchy, dry, scaly patch on my left cheek/chin area and also two patches on my chin and another patch on my right cheek. it is intensely itchy and red and nothing i use (moisturizers, face wash) is helping it to go away. it almost feels like a bad sunburn and it keeps peeling but will NOT GO AWAY. i have extremely sensitive skin so i only have been using moisturizers for sensitive skin and even just plain vaseline which normally works great on my dry skin without irritation. EVERYTHING, including plain ole vaseling is irritating it. i also tried using a triple antibiotic ointment for a few days, and that also flared it up. i am embarrassed at work because it is so dry and flaking off that you can see it whether i wear make up or not.

i have no idea if a burn can show up several weeks later but i am sure that whatever this is it is related to getting my second laser treatment. i have not called the place that did my treatment (i am very angry and afraid i’ll say something i’ll regret) and i dont have health insurance and cannot afford to go to a dermatologist. i am not trying to say bad things about laser, but if you have very sensitive skin, be very careful. i am also posting this because i need to know if anyone has ever seen anything like this. even private message me if you want to. i need help anywhere i can find it.

You have some sort of a burn. Call the clinic that you went to and talk to them about it in detail. People are afraid to contact clinics about failed treatments or injuries, but you have to. If it turns into something worse you need to have credibility. Don’t let anyone tell you it’s some rare thing going on and that you’re the exception, you’re not. Take pictures, lots of them and in good light. I got burned as well. Many people get burned. Contact the clinic and don’t let them rebuff you. If it lasts longer than a couple days or gets worse check and see if there’s a community clinic in your area that will at least let you know what’s going on.


definitely call the clinic and let them know. they should be able to suggest a cream etc to help it go away etc. it’s also helpful for later like Mantaray said to have them know you got this reaction in case you need a documented.


I’ve seen a customer like you and it lasted for 6 weeks. This customer has been also treated with a lightsheer. What we suggested to that customer was to put an ointment called “Biafine”. This is not an antibiotic cream. The Biafine is a product that comes from France and is beeing used for 1st degree burns. It is a very efficient cream. If you know someone who can bring you some from Europe, this will help a lot. To be applied liberally twice a day. After 1 or 2 weeks you will see a big difference. This “Biafine” has been developped by doctors in a French hospital for severe burns.
But as everyone suggested you, take pics…the more, the better. In the futur, if you want to keep doing your sessions, try to find a clinic using an IPL system. It is not a laser and a lot safer. Personnaly, i find it more efficient and since an IPL works from 400nm - 1200nm it covers a wide range of treatments. If you find a good technician, ask him/her to set the paramameters on the hair removal treatment and to use the skin rejuvenation crystal. That way, it will treat you in 4 sessions instead of 3 but will leave your skin very smooth.
Hope this helped.

thank you all very much for your advice. now it seems that if i keep it moisturized and let it peel, it is fading away. i am of course very upset that this happened but even more upset that i may not have any more treatments. laser has been working pretty well for me as far as hair reduction on my face. do you think i should continue to get treatments once my face clears up and it’s been at least 8 weeks? did i not let enough time go by between treatments? (this didnt happen the first time.) it was exactly 7 weeks between the two treatments. is there a safer laser for such sensitive skin? thanks again.

JillB, I am also being treated with Lightsheer Diode on my chin and upper lip. I experienced the patchy dryness issue all over my chin. This happens about two weeks post treatment for me, most accutely after my first three treatments. It lasts about 3-4 days at its worst. I did not experience the itching or pain that you have, but it was kind of unsightly. I found that using the post treatment lotion that the clinic gave me to be helpful and I also used a gentle exfoliating cream to speed up the shedding of the dry skin.—I am not recommending any of these things, mind you, just relating my experience. I would definately dicuss with your tech your reaction so that they can make some modifications.

In my case, the post treatment pattern has been, redness and swelling around follicles for a few days, pimple breakouts for a few days(this has been trapped dead hair causing mild eruptions), hair finally sheds and then the dry skin issue. In short, my skin looks like crap for two weeks post treatment, but by third week it looks quite good. And, incidentally, with each treatment ALL of these symtoms have been reduced including the dryness.

my face seems to be finally healing (thank God) but i am not having the wonderful results i had after my first treatment. as i said, she lowered the settings and i have had almost no shedding and it looks as if some parts of my face actually have increased hair growth! it seems like it has stimulated the follicles! i am pretty bummed. isn’t it odd that i was undertreated yet burned this time? if anyone knows how long i should wait until next time, let me know please. i’m thinking about going in for a touch up with the high settings again but i’m afraid i’ll be burned badly. <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/frown.gif" alt="" />

it sounds like there might have been an issue with the laser cooling system. another reason to definitely talk to them about it. if you weren’t burned on higher settings last time, you shouldn’t have been burned on lower settings unless you got a tan in between.