someone tell me a good depilatory please

I’m in between electrology appointments and in desperate need of a depilatory that is good…any recommendations? my skin is pretty sensitive and the hair is kind of thick…it’s next to my lip and i am a girl

Maybe try shaving? If I were you I wouldn’t want to use any of these creams on my face because they can have bad reactions with skin, and a bad reaction on the face is going to look pretty noticeable. Also, because eletrolysis affects the skin, you probably don’t want to mix the two.

But if you really want to use cream, just make sure that you get one that is made especially for facial hair, and probably for sensitive skin. Just remember that to “burn” off hair the creams they produce do have to be pretty strong and aren’t all that kind to skin. Make sure you don’t leave it on for longer than the time it tells you on the packet, and wash thoroughly.

BTW… shaving WONT make your hair grow thicker, or look more noticeable. It will be much less likely to cause side effects. If you do it at the end of a shower, when your skin is soft, with soap or conditioner or shaving cream, you might find it a better option than depilatory ceeams…

the reason i’m afraid to shave is that every time i shave my legs or anything, i get ingrown hairs and i noticed that the hair did grow back worse…

I get ingrowns on my legs but not on my upper lip, and with hair growing back worse… it only seems that way because you’ve cut off the tip of the hair and are left with the thicker part, so it might seem more coarse. Ask your electrologist what she thinks, maybe.