Someone please help me

Here’s the deal: I have hair. WAY TOO MUCH hair. I’m covered in it, head to toe. Name any part of my body and I’ll most probably have hair there. My arms, legs, back, chest, I’ve got a trail going down my stomach, fingers, toes, my face, hell I’ve got sideburns. (I hope I haven’t made you feel sick)

I’m 17yrs old, from Australia and Indian in ethnicity, which means I have dark skin and black hair so the hair on my body is rather visible. I’ve been told I have a slightly high testosterone level, but nothing abnormal. I’m told my excessive hair is due to my ethnicity and that it’s nothing to worry about. But I do worry. I want to get rid of it, but how? There’s too much to bleach, shaving is out of the question, I’d need truckloads of depilatories for my whole body… someone please help me . <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/confused.gif" alt="" />

Hi- I hope this e-mail brings you some comfort.
First off, there IS a solution to your problem, but you will need to invest time and money and possess a whole lot of patience.
The solution (the first one at least) is called electrolysis. Two years ago, i did electrolysis on my face (sideburns, jaw, whole deal). For around two months, i went for a half hour once a week, in which time I was basically cleared. However, I did have to return around once a month for clean-up and even now, I go around once every 6 weeks for a clean-up. But is there a difference? Oh my gosh, is there! Now, I can use a little bleach and my face looks hairless. Two months might sound like a long time now, but if you start right away, then the sooner you’ll be done.
Now, I am doing electrolysis for my back, stomach, arms and bikini also.
This was my tactic- first, I found an electrologist who is highly referred by more than three people. Then, I took off 2 weeks from work, and did electrolysis every day for two hours. At the end end of those 2 weeks, I had the first clearing on my arms, full clearing of bikini and near-full clearing of back and stomach. I am however, also stuck with little red marks for a while, but they do fade, and since you have dark skin, they will show up even less.
Also, for pain management, I use EMLA which works beautifully- I apply it for an hour and a half to 2 hours before treatment and it takes away most of the pain (even with EMLA, bikini hurts!)
Again, the most important thing is the competence of the technician.
Lastly, I am doing laser for legs because this is such a large area and I did not want to have little scars here from electrolysis. After the laser is done, I will then finish up all the hairs with electrolysis.
But yes, there is answer- it might take a year or a year and a half, but if you can see that far into the future, you can be hair-free!


Somebody has helped you greatly. Her name is Nancyk. Nancyk has obviously researched and has thought deeply about what constitutes a good lifetime solution. She’s correctly added the patience factor that needs to kick in if one is to see the end of the ‘hair removal rainbow’, so to speak.

Hopefully, Nancyk’s personal experience will comfort you. She has targeted correctly all that is true about PERMANENT hair removal. So many hairy ones run in a circle all their life trying to get rid of hair and they never catch up or find the end. Do something permanent while you’re young, and your determination will payoff within a reasonable amount of time.


Thank you so much nancyk, and to you too dfahey, you’ve given me much hope. I’m willing to give my time, money and patience to make this work. I’m already feeling more confident about myself lol. Thank you, once again for your advice and tips. You guys are great <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/laugh.gif" alt="" />

Dear PrettyGirl,

I have seen your case hundreds of times over my past 46 years in full time practice. Please read carefully the site

There is definite hope for you, if you find the right electrologist.

Stay Happy,
Fino Gior