some questions?

Do you have to have scabbing to know that the electrolysis is working? Also, does anyone know someone in the southern california area that does a good job? Thank you

NO you don’t have to have scabbing with electrolysis to be sure it’s working! When using Thermolysis it is possible to get scabbing however do NOT pick the eschars (scabs) off as it is nature’s bandaid and will heal and fall off on it’s own.

My (former) electrolysist picked off some of the scabs with the needle to get at the ingrown hairs underneath. I have some raised bumps now. Is this something electrolysists normally do?

Some times you have to release a hair that is ingrown by using a needle. Like I said its a good thing not to pick the escars(scabs) as they will heal on there own and are natures bandaids.

The only reason I ask if scabbing is normal is because I used to go to an excellent lady but i moved and now I go to someone else. When I worked with my first electrologyst I got alot of scabbing with thermolysis, but good results and the second lady, I get barely any scabbing and the results are questionable because when they grow back, it doesnt seem to be able to penetrate my skin properly, causing an ingrown. I asked what kind of current thermolysis uses and she said either 1 or 2, but I dont know which she uses on me. I just dont want to be wasting my time and my money on someone that might not be doing it right.

sasah, I usually recommend going to someone who was recommended by a consumer who is done and happy.

Picking scabs off is not good. You should also concentrate on preventing ingrowns by exfoliating and moisturizing. If you aren’t sure about the electrologist you’ve chosen, you might talk to her about your concerns. If she or he doesn’t seem responsive, you should look into someone else.