Some questions on electrolysis

Hi everybody, I have been reading on this and I have some questions about electrolysis.

First, since this method kills every hair indvidually, is it possible that the person could just treat only te dark hairs and leave the light hairs alone? Something like this would be ideal compared to laser.

And in general, which one is more expensive? laser or electrolysis

thank in advance.

Yes, it’s possible and many do just this. Laser is for killing coarse hair indiscriminately.

You can’t compare costs without specifics, especially since laser is not an option in some cases.

Yeah I mean a smaller aera that has maybe 30 dark hairs that should be treated for example. I don’t know how long this would take for te person doing the treatment but I suspect not that long? shouldn’t it also be much cheaper than laser wen it comes to smaller areas considering how many hairs can be destroyed in a minute…

Considering that the average electrolysis treatment will treat 100 hairs in 15 minutes - you might request a 5 minute treatment.

Some electrologists will have a minimum treatment time - this can be anywhere from 5 to 15 minutes - and could cost anywhere from 15 to 30 dollars… I don’t think you will find a laser comparison for less…but I could be wrong.

I agree with Barbara. An electrologist can easily handle 30 dark hairs and they would be “killed” with assurance. It won’t happen in a few treatments because of the process and length of hair growth cycles. It will be very affordable in the long run and you will be most pleased.

An average electrologist removes 5-10 hairs per minute. There is no reason for you to consider laser and risk potential induced growth. Laser is for larger area with dense coarse growth.