some positive thoughts for upper lip electrolysis

Hello, I havent been on here in ages, just thought id share something with those who worry about scabbing, or redness on upper lip after treatment.

Iv read quite a few posts whereby people are worried about the above… id just like to say…

Ive been doing my upper lip for quite a few weeks now, and was also worried people may look at me oddly if i had any redness or scabbing on upper lip… then i thought hang on, put yourself outside and see what they see.

99.9 percent of the people we walk past are so busy with their own agenda, they dont even look at people who pass by, do you? And if you did walk past someone who had a red patch on there face, regardless of where it is, you wouldnt continue your journey deep in thought as to ‘why did that person have a red patch on their face…’ as blunt as it may sound, people arent interested.

The only people who may have some idea as to why ones upper lip is red, or has a few scabs, are people who themselves have had electrolysis treatment, and therefor wouldnt judge, if anything, they would think ‘shew, shes/hes also had electrolysis, im not the only one.’ - and without realising it you may make someones day.

And for all anyone knows, the real reason you have a ‘rash’, is because you have spent the evening with a gorgeous hunk of a man, and hey its stubble rash. You kissed the entire night solid!

So just know, you are only aware of the ‘problem’ because you know what youve had done. The last thing people around you are going to think of is electrolysis, (unless they do it themselves) and if they dont think youve spent the night with a hunk, they will probably think, lip wax (which almost everyone has done)- but at the end of the day, id doubt anyone will think anything, because people are too busy worrying about themselves these days, and are oblivious to whats going on around them!

Have a lovely day all, and hold ur head up high!


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Hi Sandy:

Thanks for that very positive message.

I totally agree that most people won’t even notice any redness, tiny spots, etc…

I have been getting first laser, then electrolysis for the last 3 years and nobody ever asked me about any redness or whatever.

As for people you pass on the street they don’t stop in their tracks and stare at your upper lip. Everyone has their minds on other things.


I agree, and personally I haven’t had much to even cover up with makeup. At most some scabs for a few days. Redness goes away within a few hours.