some plucking


Is it ok if an electrologist plucks some hair? On one cheek I feel that she does a lot of plucking. When I asked her about plucking, she said that she’s been to that hair folicle 3 times already and when new hair appears it will go much easier. Is some pluchking ok? How much is ok?

She also uses some funny goggles instead of a microscope. Is that adequate?

I also suspect that she is too slow. How many hairs (on face using thermo) should she do a minute?

After treatment there is swelling and scabbing even though she jumps around from one area to another alot. And she said that she cannot spend more than 20 min on upper lip. Does this signal a bad machine?



Facial hairs can be very hard to kill, especially male ones. They may need to zap the same hair more than once, but there comes a point where hitting it more than three times can lead to damage. Overtreatment is probably worse than tweezing in that case. She’s right, next time will be easier, if the first treatment was done right.

Number of hairs depends on the modality, the practitioner, and the thickness of each hair. If she’s having to hit each one more than once, that will significantly lower your hairs treated per session.

Moving around is easier on your skin than stripping an area of all the hairs.

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