Some pictures - update

Hey, everyone, I bring you some pictures of my progress. Or what little progress I have made since I only had half an hour of electrolysis on November 30 (meanwhile, Christmas season came by, then the equipment broke down, but I’m having a session next week, if everything goes well).

So, here’s the general state of things:

I have quite a few noticeable hairs since I do nothing to disguise them. But I’ve acquired a mini electrical epilator that maybe I’ll put to some use. Also, my electrolygist focused more on the right side of my face - that’s why you see all those hairs on the left.

I have a few questions regarding some white marks, though. These are not the regular scabs that you sometimes get post-treatment and that I’ve seen in dozens of pictures here. I’ve not had electrolysis in a month and a half so I’m concerned if this will be the permanent type of marks (I know, half an hour of treatment one month ago and I’m already thinking of permanent consequences of the negative kind. Be still, my heart).

I’ve circled them in red:

In the last one, circled blue, is the result of my test patch on Friday with another practitioner. I don’t think I’m comfortable pursuing treatment there despite the more modern equipment and more welcoming office because my other practitioner didn’t leave me with quite such obvious marks and she dug around for a while. Maybe I’ll do some body areas there because it was less painful but I don’t feel like risking my face to higher settings or whatever caused this.

Also, my dermatologist perscribed me an ointment for the infected pimples you can see on my neck - metronidazole. However, the component includes a type of acid and it burns a bit when you apply so I’m not positive about using it while I have electrolysis. I did tell him I was having it done and he said it was good for it as well because it has antibiotic.

All in all should I worry about those white marks? None of the pictures was enhanced in any way - some just have more light from the sun.

Thanks for your help!

I’ll let the electrologists chime in about the healing, but by “epilator” do you mean the kind that rips out hair? If so, do NOT use this on your face. It will irritate your skin even more, lead to ingrowns, and will slow down the progress of your electrolysis.

Ah, no. Perhaps epilator isn’t the correct term, sorry. I meant a small thing like a pen that trims out the hairs, it doesn’t pull them out.

Ah, in that case it’s fine to use. That had me worried!