some one touch questions


I recently purchased a One Touch off ebay. I’m aware of the negatives regarding it, but feel it’s my last resort right now. I believe I have PCOS, but do not have med. insurance to be properly diagnosed. I also can’t afford professional electrolysis. I purchased this mainly to remove hair from my sideburns, chin, neck, and chest. In those areas I have course dark hair, that i’m very self-concious about. It’s practically ruined my life. I decided to start using it on my chest first to get a feel for it before using it on my face/neck. I have some questions…

  1. Is it better to use a lower setting like 1 and treat it longer than using a higher setting for a shorter period?

  2. Is a cream/clear colored stuff supposed to ooze out? (gross I know!)

  3. Sometimes I pull the hair out and the bulb is white, other times it’s normal with a clear sheath. Do both of those mean I treated it correctly?

  4. The bug bite like welts go away quickly but I’m left with pimple like dots and some of them have little pin holes with scabs. Is that okay? I hope I’m not frying my skin! I’ve been applying aloe vera gel afterwards.

5.Is it better to let the hair grow out some before treating it?

Okay enough questions. I just want to make sure I’m using this properly before I make the jump to treating my neck/chin/sideburns.

Finally, does anyone know where I can buy a good magnafied mirror that’s inexpensive? I have a lighted makeup mirror with maybe a 2-3 magnification but I find it really difficult to see the follicle in it.

Thanks in advance. I’m glad I found this place, it helps to know I’m not the only one with this problem!


Glad the site has been helpful, Tia! :smile:

  1. With a device like this, you can think about it as producing units of lye. If a hair takes, say, 20 units of lye to be destroyed, you could do it by intensity x time equation thus:

set at 1 for 20 seconds = 20 units of lye
set at 2 for 10 seconds = 20 units of lye
set at 4 for 5 seconds = 20 units of lye
set at 5 for 4 seconds = 20 units of lye

You get the besic idea. This is just hypothetic for illustration. The units of lye have not been quantified accurately, especially for the little home units.

  1. The stuff coming out is part of the chemical reaction-- by-products of the creation of sodium hydroxide from the salt water in your skin.

  2. Hairs in different growth stages will have different looking roots. The sheath is generally a sign that you got a hair during anagen stage, which means it was a very good insertion on a hair at its most vulnerable stage.

  3. Those little scabs are called eschars and are a sign of a strong treatment. Do not pick at them!

  4. Longer hairs are easier to tweeze and make insertions on, since you can find the follicle better and see the direction of growth. The length depends on your comfort level, but if you can grow them for at least one day and maybe 3 days before treatment, you may be able to work faster and more effectively.

You might be able to get a reasonable magnified mirror at a beauty supply place or on eBay. Try working in direct sunlight for easier to see results.

Sounds like you have a pretty good technique. It’s hard to tell about overtreatment-- you’re rolling the dice, but everything sounds pretty good as you explain it.

hi tia,
i just purchased my one touch from ebay as well, but after received i’m concerned about use it.
How did you sterelised the tools?

I do not steralize accept right before I start a “session, I’ll take a quick lighter/flame to the tip.”

also, it’s possible to make the needle smaller by running the tweezers along the needle and sqeezing, It will cause the needle to bend so you’ll need to straighten it out again and only do this if you have a spare cause ya may think the needle’s ruined.

I gotta nuther one touch coming ups monday from that one well known site that does checks etc…

I’m gunna video my arms for you people, show my scars 2 say and show the funny little marks it made on my tattoo:) Luckily I also have a few nice hairs still sproutin up on my right arm that was left over from the winter.

I’ll be makin a page (a webpage) and I will show in action how to properly and masterfully execute the extraction and zappalation of a hair.

I wish I coulda done a before and after picture to show it’s possible to remove an entire arm in 2-3 months as I’ve done. but I can put myself in a locked box and have the stamina and patience to remove (I believe I averaged around 2000 hairs a week) one day I specifically remember writting down the amout that totalled 1000 in one sitting. I usually do 5-10 hairs and hopefully 15 before putting the needle down and reaching for the tweezers) then when I hit 100 I marked a mark on a piece of paper to note the amount because a real good goal for me wass to hit 1000. and if you hit 1000 in 1 day or more specifically 5 hours or less you will see a real real noticable … noticable improvement? maybe not improvement is maybe not the word A FEELING OF ACCOMPLISHMENT:). I have/had the patience this past winter to insert a needle into my arm for over 10,000 times or around 10,000 times:)

I believe that’s about how many hairs are on a typicle arm, or I believe that’s how many hairs my arm had. done over 3 months that’s around 3,500 hairs a month (thus successfully completing my right arm in the months of october/november/december

I would of continued into january/february but I took a small vacation to england/amsterdam etc to visit my mate who I met online heh

srry 4 such a long post but when there’s a page about the one-touch I’m in search for someone who has insearted it into themselves more times than I have. I’m sure there is someone out there as occasionally I see or saw a hairless man before and couldn’t locate any hair on his arms at all even at close range

i’m saying around 3,500 hairs a month but it may have been over that amout. I now wish I kept an exact count oh well.

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srry 4 double post but i got one more thing to say.

see, i’m a male though and don’t care about the few scars that pop up here and there.
I was willing to dig in and not care, i just wanted the damn hair gone when I first started. my left arm is scarred and noticably so, but my right arm has few , very few scars, it shows how experience helps.

talking about experience- I had no clue how long this would take. It took my about 3 years (i work on the one touch in winter only heavily) to clear my left arm. and just 3 months to do my right

I wish I could my butt lower back but it’s impossible to reach there. I may end up eventually try laser there

also now that I’m done with my arms I hope I don’t put myself through the torment of time consumption doing my upper legs. the upper legs would be nice to not worry about though and I know I won’t pay laser money of them when I know i could probably knock them both out in a winter.

I just want to know if I’m addicted to the one touch or what. oh well- i sure hope they come out with a do-it-yourself laser sooner than later