Some Info about Electrolysis

i´ve collected some information about electrolysis

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Are you aware that your blog spot is advertising the Vector Scam Company about whom this site is full of complaints?

no sorry where can i find the link to this company ?

If you click the link you posted, there are some ads on the side of the page. The last ad box is to which is a sales page for a scam device that we have warned all our readers to stay away from.

If you are interested, there is also no hair that electrolysis can’t remove permanently. Just situations where a person may develope new hairs in formerly untreated follicles where no hair ever existed before treatment either. It is hard to explain, but it is a small point of note. Simply put, there is no hair electrolysis can’t treat, however, some people may have some small few hairs come out in a previously cleared area, but that is not because electrolysis failed.

ok i´ve banned this domain, thx 4 the tip !

I must say that I am impressed. Most don’t care that Vector misrepresents themselves into other people’s money, as long as they get some of it.

Can I dream that you will fine tune that thing about the efficacy of electrolysis? No hair treated properly with electrolysis grows new hair in future years.

i will do my best <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" />

Did you notice that your google ads on this page are all LASER sites or scam so called electrolysis?

Your next up on the ban list.
We have lots of people on this site complaining about how they did not honor their guarantee.

the problem is that i haven’t got the control which ads will be shown on my blog. Google deliver ads which are relevant to my blog content.

i will take a look on this site, thx !

I do understand that you don’t approve of any of the ad sites beforehand, and we do give you credit for being willing to look into blocking some sites from advertising on your space, and using you as a way to get to other people’s money.

One of the real electrolysis supply companies says that one of the scammers refers people to them when they are looking for supplies and service for their junk after purchase. Of course, he and his staff are left explaining that what they have spent their money on was a big waste. He is not what to think about the advertising he is getting this way.