Some different questions please help ;-)

Hello everybody,

thank you very much for this wonderful forum, where I can ask all my questions. We do not have something similar in a German speaking country unfortunately. And thanks for all the great answers I have already got.

Today I have two answers:

I tried two electrologists.

The first one has a rather old item (it´s called Bentlon, and you see that it doesn´t look like the modern items, but she is rather cheap per hour), the second one has a modern item (Apilus, but her price is double as much as the first one). The first electrologist is very nice and works highly concentrated and she is CHEAP - which is important for me. But she needs a few seconds for one hair (Blend method). And after the treatment I look worse at the first one … red spots, swoolen.

> Is it normal, that “old” items hurt the skin more? After the treatment of the second electrologists the skin looked much less damaged?

> Does that correlate with less effectivness?

> We use 0.9 mA. She says it is very high and she can´t get higher. But the electrologist with the more modern item used 1.2 mA. What do you think? My skin looked worse with 0.9 at the old item than with 0.2 with the modern iotem (with continuous air). Is 0.9 mA enough???

Is it true that elextrolysis damages your body and your skin and that you get wrinkles earlier?

Please help me by answering my questions! Thank you very much!!!

Apilus is one of the best machines. All other things being equal, it’s a better treatment with less side effects. Part of the side effects depends on the skill of the operator and part on the machine being used. Even with older machines, there shouldn’t be a lot of side effects if treatment is done properly.

Hi IntheColours, I would like to respond to the second question.
You knew that there was a technical wrinkle medical use is the application of current (using a needle) for high frequency along the path of the wrinkle?
This technique produces a dermal fibrosis in the tissue with a consequent “uprising” (temporarily) the path that has produced the wrinkle.

The electrolysis produces this effect provided that no overtreatment of the skin.
And here comes the answer to your first question, in some cases, temporary side effects are welcome. For example, treatment of the hair on the upper lip of women who have vertical lines favors the production of new collagen. In these cases, it is advisable to use a minimum intensity and a long time. These parameters give very safe for skin and you get two advantages, firstly, the removal of hair and the other, the temporary improvement of wrinkles.

Before choosing between one of the electrologist, you should:

  • Evaluate the degree of effectiveness of each one of them.
  • Observe the condition of the skin in the medium term. Sometimes the immediate side effects (some hours later) are more worrisome, but the skin heals better medium-term (a few days later)
  • The ability to obtain inserts perfect.

Finally, it is important to work with a good machine, but it will never replace good hands.

No, it is not true, no more than asking if it is true that pencils cause spelling errors.