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Hi everyone,

this is my very first post on the messageboard, and as such, I wanted to say HI.

Here is my deal: I am 6’5, I work out daily, and I have back hair. Needless to say, this is very very disturbing to me. I shave the upper part of my back, just so I can wear a tshirt and not have to be self conscious. However, because of the back hair, I dont go to the beach. I dont walk around with my shirt off. Worst of all is that it affects my self esteem.

At the reccomendation of a friend, I just wasted 20 dollars on “Epil Stop and Foam” (supposedly works wonders!!! YEAH RIGHT).

After the bar exam on July 30th and 31st, I am going to Miami. It goes without saying that I want to come back to NY nice and tanned. I will shave my back before/during my trip to Florida. Is there something I can apply to my shaved skin that will keep it smooth during the trip?

FInally, can someone recommend a laser hair removal facility with a good reputation in the NY metro area?

Thank for all your help!!!

Have you tried waxing?

Many guys get their backs waxed … if you have a partner, you can probably use a home wax. Getting it done in a professional salon gives a better result, though.

The hair will take quite a while to grow back through your skin - you’ll need to exfoliate to prevent ingrowns. A loofah on a stick or a rough flannel should be good enough.

And you’ll have to leave the hair to grow to about 0.25 inches before you can get it waxed again. If that’s going to be a problem, you could try getting it bleached as it grows through.


I agree with Toni-- About four or five days before your trip. get a pro wax done on your back. That way you won’t have to worry about anything on your back during your trip.

If you have lioght skin and dark hair, laser is sometimes a good option.

There are lots of good places in NY-- I peronally have to avoid recommending specific practitioners for legal reasons, but if you’re having trouble, I can point you to where you can do more research.

Thanks for the replies. They are really appreciated.

May I just say here that back hair shouldn’t affect your self-esteem, many women actually find it attractive.

Course, if you don’t like it it’s a differnt matter :slight_smile: