soft light laser


In the past i have had 6 laser treatments without any side effects. i am a afro carribbean girl with medium brown skin colour. At the moment my skin is going through hypopigmentation, due to this new nurse which i had, turning up the power on my laser treatment. hofefully my color will return
the laser that i have been using was, lyra long pulsed nd yag. i think the power she turned the laser up to was 50.

i am asking can any one reccomend a good laser treatment for my type of skin color and the setting which is reccommended. i have heard about soft light laser can any one tell me of their experience with soft light laser, are there any side effects. espeially with people of darker skin colour.


The Softlight laser does not provide long-term hair reduction. Actually the long pulse Nd:YAG is probably the best laser for your skin type. Keep in mind that your hypopigmentation may only be temporary. If you had any scabs the skin underneath them is going to be lighter than the surrounding skin that is normal.

I am a type IV and if I get any scabbing the skin will be lighter underneath them but after a few boat rides out in the sun everything evens out. I am being treated with the Lightsheer diode laser.