soflight laser

Hi Guys, :grin:

I am 23 and have been having laser treatment for 1.5 years now, thats a total of 13 treatments i would say, so far. Well i have seen SOME improvement. i would say 15%. Which in my books is not good at all. At first my skin was glowing with the laser, and even if my hairs did not fall out, i was happy as i got compliments for how good my skin was looking. however in the past 7 months, my skin has gone bad. i have developed craters in my face due to the laser (though my beutician denies it is because of the laser)and my hair is still there.

I assumed i needed more treatments, since my hair was dark and thick to start with, but after finding this forum and reading the posts, i may have to face the reality that perhaps it is not working on me.

People describe the way their hairs fall out, well i cant say i notice that happening anymore, at first i did, now my hair just turns blonde after the treatment and thats all.

I was hoping if firstly someone could tell me whether they too have experienced this loss of tone, and craters in their face (or any other part of the body) with laser. i must add i have very sensitive, my face is vERY red after treatment. Also what do you recommend i do now?

I would be very grateful for any replies, as i am getting very depressive over the hair on my face.

Nelly :frowning:

Hi Nelly,
I’m sorry to hear that you are having problems with your treatments. I am new to all this, wish I could help… Hopefully someone here will have some advice.

Can you go to another center to get another opinion? Or maybe a dermatologist to see what they think about this?

I hope you get this resolved soon. Good luck and take care.

Sorry to sat Softlight is useless as a laser, apparently it is just like expensive waxing, hence it’s not resulting in permanent reduction.
Actually, you find it in many beauty salons.

the beautician ledd me to believe that soflight was the best laser out there! what is the best kind of laser out there now because wherever i go i am sure they will say the laser they specialise in is the besT!!