Society for Clinical and Medical Hair Removal

Before I found this site, I visited the Society for Clinical and Medical Hair Removal at:

I found an enormous amount of good information on unwanted hair – both cause and treatment, but I didn’t see their site listed here. Is there a reason for this? I was very happy with the person I found on their site – Certified Medical Electrologist or CME (laser certified). I felt it was good way to find a qualified individual, better than shopping the yellow pages. Do you think this a good source for referrals? Just wondering watcha ya’ll thought :smile:

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Hi LabRat!

I discuss SCMHR in several posts. They recently changed their name from SCME.

Because training is so limited for Laser Hair Removal, I would look for someone who at least had their credential, just as I would look for someone with a CPE credential seeking electrolysis. There is no guarantee that you will find the best practitioner, but at least you will find someone who has had the opportunity to get more education and needs continuing education to maintain the credential.

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